Description of the project

Charly died a few months ago and his friends meet today to celebrate his birthday. Since they arrive at the party until their end, the characters will go through different situations that will put them in check, they will release them, they will make them laugh, they will fall in love ... Because the truth, so rotunda and consistent, always ends up appearing, even if it has not been invited to the party.

"ALL you have received a letter with instructions for tonight. Today is my birthday. If you read this is because you are invited and me
I would love to come ... We will celebrate and provide for life. A party for memory and for the future. To remind us that the only thing we have is the present. I love you, Charly. "

What is All?

ALL is a musical romantic comedy written and directed by the playwright and director Queralt Riera. A work with eight actors and live music based on THE TRUTH and LOVE.

A work of emotions for ALL. Because ALL are the same and ALL we need to live truly, to love truly, to tell the truth. We provide for life, for friends ..., for ALL. For ALL who are and ALL they have been.

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Nuria Tomás, Carlota Baró, Erika Bleda, Carles Pulido, Yara Puebla, Óscar Morchón, Rafa Maza and Carla Berrocal


authorship and direction 
Queralt Riera
original music 
Alfonso G. Aguilar
live music 
Yeyo Bayeyo

Group photography: Ana Belenguer