The sleep of reason produces monsters.

Francisco de Goya

What causes a citizen to become violent or unresponsive to abuse?

The audience, along with the actors, attend as a volunteer the call for an experiment on social behavior. The characters will simulate life in prison for two weeks. The chosen ones will be locked in the basement of this university, which has been conditioned as a penitentiary center. Half of those selected will act as guards and the other as prisoners. What begins as an innocent collaboration leads to a strong experience that will mark the participants for a lifetime.

The piece is based on the actual experiment conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University. The play reflects on our innate violence and animality, the influence of a situation and the social role we represent.

Eòlia Escena Emergent is a commitment of Eòlia i + D and the Teatre Eòlia dedicated to emerging creators and performers in the field of the performing arts. A showcase of new talent. A first springboard for visibility linked to the Final Degree Projects of Aeolian students.

From 30/06/22 to 03/07/22
Thursday to Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

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Direction and drama: Jorge-Yamam Serrano
Performers: Atria, Anna del Campo, Jaume Espriu, Joan Mateo, Ana Riera, Núria Rodríguez, Laura Tobella, Pol Torres and Josan Vázquez

Management Assistant: Victor Gil
Live camera: Paul Torres

A production ofEolia i + D
Aeolian Emerging Scene 2022