Body and dance

Jazz dance


From 17 September 2020 to 11 February 2021
Morning hours: Monday and Wednesday from 9.30 am to 11 am
Afternoon hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 pm to 19 pm
With Aina Torné

Classes focus on Broadway style, the language used in musicals, film, or television. Choreographic fragments of the most emblematic musicals are worked on, at the same time as the technique is worked on, educating the body in elegance and stage presence, through expressiveness, dynamism and the interpretation of movement.

These classes will improve proprioception, postural placement, coordination, rhythm, musicality, elasticity and stage performance, always looking to enjoy from the same movement.

Jazz fusion


From February 15 to June 21, 2021
Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 9.30 am to 11 am
With Aina Torné

Classes are focused on the dynamism of the new choreographies used in the music videos. It is a style with personality that allows us to delve into precision, cleanliness of movement, power, presence and attitude. Choreographic fragments of the new musical contributions of the moment are worked on, at the same time as the technique is worked on for a greater control of the taxation of the movement.
These classes will improve coordination, rhythm, musicality, balance, agility, body isolation and stage safety, letting the body express itself from its own movement without complexes or limitations.

Contemporary dance


From 18 September 2020 to 12 February 2021
Morning hours: Wednesday and Friday from 9.30 am to 11 am
With Teresa García

From February 16 to June 17, 2021
Afternoon hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 pm to 19 pm
With Oskar Luko (pdf more information)

The main goal of these workouts is to achieve an available, agile and ductile body that can respond to all the physical challenges that the stage poses to us. Deepen the knowledge of the basic principles of movement.

Work from the economy of effort. Develop expressiveness and the ability to memorize and improvise by expanding body language. Work on the perception and projection of the body in space.



From 17 from February to 18 in June of 2021
Morning hours: Wednesday and Friday from 9.30 am to 11 am
With Mar Medina

To do theater is, among other things, to stage the body with all the expressive and communicative burden that this decision entails: a body located in the space offered to the gaze of the other for a time is already a transmitter. There is therefore a dramaturgy that from the physicality considers the body as an essential element for structure and composition. A body that functions as the backbone of action and interacts through movement and word.

The Viewpoints, scenic points of view, offer us the possibility of understanding and practicing this language, differentiating aspects that give meaning to the action in themselves. The performer deploys listening and the ability to make decisions here and now in relation to architecture, topography, form, gesture, tempo, duration, repetition, and kinesthetic response.

This work is inspired by the Viewpoints of the choreographer Marie Overlie that theAnne Bogart and his theater company, SITI company, have led to the training of the performer and the creation. It is an essentially practical course, in the format of an improvisation laboratory, which aims to open up a space for play and exchange between students of acting, drama and other performing arts professionals.

Fundamentals of movement


From October 5, 2020 to June 21, 2021
Hours 1: Monday and Wednesday from 17.30pm to 19pm
With Cristina Lügstenmann and Teresa Garcia

Hours 2: Tuesday and Friday from 14.45pm to 16.15pm
With Cristina Lügstenmann, Teresa Garcia and Oskar Luko

Body awareness is basically worked.
Body care, knowledge, integration of the different parts, exploration, breathing, listening, observation, etc.
Soft, integrative gymnastic exercises are proposed, applying different body techniques, be it individual, in pairs or in groups.

Body alignment, directions, postures, and knowledge of body use, expression, presence in general will be worked on.
There will also be proposed motion games, motion concepts, games, simple chains, small choreographies and improvisations in motion.

Ballroom balls


From September 2020 to July 2021
Tuesdays from 20h to 21h Salon balls
DTuesdays from 21pm to 22pm Salsa - Bachata - Kizomba
Thursday from 20.30pm to 21.30pm Ballroom dancing - Salsa- Bachata-Kizomba

With Marco Areddu

Do you want to learn to express your feelings through dance? Do you want to learn to know your body and the concept of space and movement? Are you an actor or musical theater artist and want to complete your dance training?

Dancing increases your potential, agility and body expression. Join this Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Kisomba and Choreographies for musicals to learn about the basic tools to move on to the stage!

Marco Areddu He is a choreographer and teacher of dance shows and Latin rhythms. He has represented Italy and Spain in various competitions nationally and internationally.

prices: novelty

One day a week: 35 € per month. Two days a week: 60 € per month. A loose class: 10 €

Do you want to try a free class of Latin dance dances and dancing? 

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