International influences

The professional influences of actors, directors, dramatists and singers of great prestige in our house have contributed decisively to the academic work and to go modeling the style of the school from the year of its foundation until reaching the that Eolia is today: a consolidated project that does not lose the constant spirit of renewal.

But the impact that the adoption of various international techniques has had on the elaboration of the Curriculum has also been fundamental. Aeolian has often had pedagogical advisers belonging to universities and companies in Europe and America. These internationally renowned professionals have been specially invited by Aeolian, to be able to get to know their work up close and to be able to implement it when it has been deemed appropriate in their academic curriculum.
In this, Eolia is also a pioneer and maintains the desire to go forward in the introduction of new techniques as a space for constant pedagogical and aesthetic renewal.

We want to stand out various professionals who have visited us from abroad, who have left a special imprint regarding the implication and the effect that their work has in the spirit or the content of the different disciplines of the academic curriculum of Eòlia.

We especially want your direct or indirect collaboration in the project to:

Christine Adaire

Professor of voice technique spoken in several American Universities -Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles-, specialist in Shakespeare. He contributed for several years to the development of voice work with the knowledge that has provided us with Linklater technique of which he is a first level Master Teacher. We greatly appreciate your charisma and its involvement and what contributed this method to Eolia for years.

George Anton

Scottish actor; Cheek by Jowl and the Royal Shakespeare Company, among others, formed in London's Central School, have contributed to the Eolia interpreting curriculum their spirit of risk, and their will for transgression and experimentation constant by means of his professional collaboration with Josep Galindo, co-director of Eolia and head of the interpretation department.

Javier Daulte

Author and Argentine theatrical director. He actively participated in teaching as a "masterclass teacher" of the method that bears his name. This collaboration with Eolia promoted the inclusion of this training system for actors in the curriculum of the school. The "Daulte Procedure" nowadays occupies a preferential space in the academic curriculum, included in the Interpretation studies in Eolia and that they only teach authorized professionals.

Maureen Scott

Master Class teacher of Voice Craft. He was invited to Eolia to help us disseminate the method that bears this name, which today is a fundamental technical element in the pedagogical development of the subjects of the Department of Singing, which, for many years now, leads the Head of the Department (also Master Class of the method) Viv Manning.

Serge Wilfart

Creator of the Pneumaphonie method and author of the book "La voix de l'être". European Eminence in the field of voice and spoken voice work. He has taught his master class in more than fifty countries. And he has been collaborating continuously with Eolia disseminating his method.

Kurt Widmer

Professor of the Conservatory of Music of Basel. Master Class, Stimme und Bewegung -ve and movement. Specialist in lyrical song. He collaborates regularly with the Lyric Canticle of Eolia Department.

Catherine Fitzmaurice

Creator of the Fitzmaurice Voicework® method of the work of voice for actors. He currently has the base in New York, and organizes master classes from his system around the world. He has taught classes at prestigious universities such as Yale and Harvard, among many others. Eolia, with her generous complicity, has adopted her method as a work system in the field of Oral Expression of Higher Education taught by professors authorized in the method.

Saul Kotzubei

Co-Director of the Fitzmaurice Institute from 2013. He is the principal instructor of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher Certification Program. Eolia also had the pleasure of having her valuable presence in her classrooms during the sessions given by Catherine Fitzmaurice to 2012.

James de Paul

He was Head of the Theater Chair at California State University. USA Contributed its own methodological fusion of Chekhov, Meyerhold and Stanislavsky, which has left its mark on the actoral technical work.