In the winter of 1838, a Mallorca far removed from the industrial revolutions and the great changes that shook Europe, received the visit of the writer George Sand and the composer Frédéric Chopin. The arrival of these characters upset the customs of the island and generated a scandal of epic proportions.

The musical explains (more or less) everything that happened during those holidays and introduces us to the characters and the adventures that the couple experienced during their stay at the Valldemossa monastery.

I discovered The Beds of Valldemossa and George Sand's Mallorcan adventure when I was sixteen in Manresa. The group "El petit Espantall", led by the tireless Maria Jesús Isart, represented it, and I, giddy, would chatter away during rehearsals. I have many memories of this production, and also of Agustí Soler, the author of the text, father of my friend Eva. They opened the doors of their home and their heart to me right away (I swam in their Navarcles pool, I participated in the Innocentada and so many other stories).

I've been thinking that this story is a musical for a long time. But he needed powerful music to help him fly. I am lucky (and also pleased) to have an exceptional musician, Albert Guinovart, who has been enthusiastic and inspired, and has created some fun and very colorful themes that fit perfectly with the text. What you will see today is what the Americans, the inventors of the musical, would call a workshop. A test bed to see how what is written on paper works.

Comedy is one of the most difficult things to do in theatre, it requires concentration, precision and a lot of talent. I told this to the fourth graders long before the play's music existed. They have worked on the material and made it their own. They have sweated ink to make the comedy shine. I am very happy because they succeeded. We hope to make you laugh and think. Because what happened that winter of 1838 does not seem to be so far from some things that happen today.

David Pintó Codinasaltas

From 04/05/23 to 07/05/23

Thursday and Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

Interpretation: Sol Carner, Mireia Federico, Marina García, Anna Manyà, Marc Marín, Ariadna Montoro, Mireia Obregón, Esteve Roig, Júlia Turu and Arlet Valls
Plan: Oscar Peñarroya

From'The beds of Valldemossa,Agustí Soler and Mas
Direction and drama: David Pintó Codinasaltas
Musical composition: Albert Guinovart
Musical direction: Oscar Peñarroya

Assistant director: Juli Aymí
Scenography: Josep Pijuan "Piju"
Clothing and characterization: Anna Sabina
Choreography: Aina Torné
Majorcan advice: Martha Cuesta i Sebastian Bové
Production coordinator: Julia Faneca
Acknowledgments: Jordi BulbenaStanis AboalAndrés PizaSoler i Mas familyNacho Feijoo, Joey Bates, Rafató theater, Montse Miralles, Carolina Codinasaltas, Pep Anton Gómez, Francesc Comas and Dagoll Dagom