Mobility for EÒLIA CSAD students

The main objective of Aeolian European and international mobility is based on offering students pedagogical and professional experiences in new cultural contexts that enhance their artistic and linguistic abilities. We understand that immersion in the field of culture and education in foreign countries is fundamental for the maturation of students and an indispensable tool in the consolidation of a modern and future pedagogical project.

This idea of ​​mobility is a key piece in fostering potential future links between young professionals from different countries and can also foster the creation of new hybrid artistic languages ​​that generate new dramatic discourses, new interpretive languages ​​and new perspectives on stage direction. The participation of students in these programs unquestionably represents an improvement in the quality of teaching and learning of the participants involved, both by the individual impact that these interventions have on the individual, and by the way they they redefine the future of the center that hosts them.

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Call 2024-2025

Semester (August – December)
Scholarship: No
Places: 2


Semester (September – February)
Scholarship: No
Places: 4


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Semester (September – February) or (February – June)
Scholarship: yes
Places: 2


In order to be able to choose to move to one of the exchange centers, the following information must be taken into account:

  1. Official higher education (Degree in EAS Dramatic Art) are the only ones that are subject to participation in the European higher education mobility program ERASMUS+. Free Training students do not have the right to mobility within their training program. Yes, they could do free mobility in the summer to any of the centers recommended by the center.
  2. In order to be able to make a mobility the student must be in his second cycle of the degree, so he must be attending 3r or 4t course. Therefore, students may only be requested in the current course in 2n or 3r course.
  3. The students of both specialties of the Title can make a mobility.

Information to keep in mind:

*The students of the specialty Interpretation that you are following the line of musical theater and the destination center does not include in its program any subject of singing or musical theater, it is recommended that the mobility be partial (first semester) to favor the reincorporation to the curriculum of Aeolian during the second semester. If the mobility is annual, the incorporation to the specialty of musical theater (following course) will not be able to do of automatic form and will be compulsory to do a course of adaptation to recover the matters no cursadas. If you have any questions, you can talk to the Head of Studies in more detail

* Students of the specialty of Performing Arts and Dramaturgy interested in mobility You have to keep in mind that there are more subjects at UIC Chicago than at Rose Bruford College. Even so, if you want to make mobility at Rose Bruford you will be offered a customized itinerary.

Open call for mobility of the first semester (autumn) the application and all the required documents must be submitted 8 to 30 January 2024 in the email

Below you will find the document with all the information about the call and the application forms.

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DOCUMENTS NEEDED TO BE PRESENTED WITH THE APPLICATION: Certificate of competences in foreign language, Letter of motivation and CV in the foreign language.

After making the corresponding application, the center's management will evaluate the following aspects of all the candidates in order to make the final selection:

  1. The course and academic record of each participant.
  2. The level of artistic maturity.
  3. The letter of motivation to be carried out for each person interested in the foreign language.
  4. We recommend having the equivalent of one B2 level of a majority foreign language (French, English, German or Italian) to make these exchanges. You do not need a certificate, but the higher your level, the more you will enjoy the experience. Students who have a high level of language will have a higher score. During the selection period and if necessary, the candidates will be summoned to take the level test.
  5. That the student has made previous mobility in a similar idiomatic context.

The following calculation system will be applied:

  • The average academic record (from 1r and 2n)
  • Level of artistic maturity (from 1-3 points, a decision by the director of Eòlia and the head of department of interpretation)
  • If previous mobilities have been made in a similar idiomatic context (+ 1 point)
  • A level test with the head of mobility. (0-5 points: 5; native or Advanced, 3 FCE, 0 very basic, not recommended).
  • Letter of motivation in the target language. (1-3 points. 3: excellent English level, without faults, and answers the questions "why do you want to go to this university and not to another?" 2, lack of English, does not answer the question , 1; very basic English level, 0; they have not sent any letters.)
  • There will be a penalty of -2 points for each subject they have suspended.

The Head of Mobility will make the relevant calculations, and Eolia's direction will give the students the approval of the mobility candidates. The resolution of the candidates accepted by the management of Eolia will be announced at the end of November.

In the coming weeks, the selected students will have to conduct a Skype interview with the address of the exchange center, which will give final approval.

Each course principle, at the end of October, the center organizes an information meeting on mobility. This one The meeting is used to inform students of higher education about the possibilities of mobility (destinations) and ERASMUS scholarships that are offered.

The meeting is open to all students ofAeolian ESAD, from first to fourth year. At this meeting we always have students from the center that have made mobility throughout the previous year, so that they can explain their experiences in the exchange centers.

Meeting date: October 25, 2022.

General information

In recent years, some of the students of Eolia (from all training areas) have had the opportunity to experience international experiences in centers such as the Stella Adler Studio of Acting (New York) or HB Studio (New York). That is why from the school we recommend these centers to have an enriching experience either in summer or once they have completed our training in our center (see Mobilities in summer).

Once Eolia began to teach official higher education, the International Area was activated in order to offer mobility programs for its students. Research was carried out on different schools and universities that offered higher studies of dramatic art and with pedagogical affinity with our center.

Thanks to the addition to the ERASMUS + program in the 2014 year, Eolia ESAD began to offer regulated exchange programs within the European educational community and with the option to offer scholarships for students.

So far, our students have the opportunity to opt for one of the places to study a semester or a whole year in English at the same time.School of Theater & Music, de la University of Illinois (Chicago, USA) or a Rose Bruford College (Sidcup, London). Also in German at school ADK of Ludwigsburg (Germany). Unfortunately, the exchange in the United States is outside the ERASMUS + program and we do not have help for students.

We are currently conducting negotiations with other schools in Copenhagen, Paris, Italy and Brussels in order to be able to expand the offer of centers and languages ​​of intecanvi.

Schools and universities with approved exchange agreements:

School of Theater and Music, University of Illinois (Chicago, USA)
1 option semester or 1 academic year. Outside the ERASMUS + program

Rose Bruford College (London, United Kingdom)
1 option semester

Die Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg, Germany):
1 option semester (March-July). Outside the ERASMUS + program

In this section we summarize the previous and subsequent procedures that must be taken into account when it comes to making mobility:

Mobility ERASMUS + 1r semester:

  • Between October and November: Process of application and publication of the admitted. Proof of language in case it is necessary.
  • Between December and February: Skype with the exchange center.
  • February: Students must complete the formal application for the exchange of the ERASMUS + program.
  • March: The selected alumni will have to take an online English level test at the OLS. Depending on the number of licenses available to the student, the possibility of doing an online course will be offered.
  • At the beginning of May: (ERASMUS +) After the introduction of the head of mobility of Eòlia ESAD, the students of Eòlia will be in contact with the leaders of mobility in the reception center regarding the subjects of accommodation, classes, dates, etc. The Learning Agreement will be signed at this time and students will receive the Erasmus + student card. In the case of being selected to do the OLS language course, at the time of signing the learning agreement the student agrees to do so, prior acceptance by the student.
  • At the end of September: (ERASMUS +) Students begin classes.

Mobility NO ERASMUS (UIC) 1r semester or whole year:

  • Between October and November: Application process and decision of the candidates admitted, for the following year. Proof of language in case it is necessary.
  • December: Submission of the documentation of the selected candidates to the exchange centers. Skype of the candidates with the director of the exchange center. Final approval of the candidates.
  • January: The mobility leader fills in and signs the "Nomination Form" document for each student who will go to the U.S. and send it to OIA (Office of International Affairs).
  • March prinicipes: Deadline for submitting the completed application to the online portal at the OIA (Office of International Affairs). 30 days later, at the latest, students will receive a notification with the UIC's final decision and the procedure to complete their application, with the missing documents for the immigration office in the U.S.
  • End of March until the end of May: (NO-ERASMUS +) When students have been notified that they go to UIC Chicago who have been accepted to the UIC (they will receive a letter to Eolia), the students will meet with the head of mobility for Talk about the next steps (J-1 visa, insurance ( resources/insurance), accommodation , etc.). Over the next few weeks, they will look for the documents required for immigration and obtaining the DS-2019, and will upload them to your online application in a single pdf document. It is essential that students be aware of the fact that there is some indication of their request online by UIC that is missing something. As soon as they have the SEVIS number of the DS-2019 document, they will be notified by email to each student if they request it, they may request the American embassy in Madrid. Visas are usually issued to the passport in a matter of one or two weeks. More information for the visa process:
  • At the beginning of August: (NO-ERASMUS +) Students travel to Chicago and have a Guidance. Classes begin the 3 week of August normally. They will inform the head of studies at Eòlia ESAD about the classes they will do there and the credits.

In the first place, it will be necessary to distinguish between the application that will be made by the leaving student (addressed to the academic secretary of our center) before making the mobility and once accepted, which will be done, in the same secretary, have made mobility In any case, the process to follow will go through the following stages:

Before mobility:

The head of the international area of ​​the center, with the approval of the head of studies, or the direction, or the mobility tutor, will study the application for academic recognition presented by the student according to the " Learning agreement "that he has signed with the center that welcomes it abroad.

After mobility:

The academic recognition will always be effective depending on whether the credits of the subjects are compulsory, elective, of free choice, external practices, or fine-end work. However, it will be assessed that the competences of the subjects and subjects chosen by the student in mobility correspond or are comparable to the competences of the subjects and subjects of the center itself so that their return to the center is as suitable as possible.
The recognition or transfer of credits can be made effective in the subjects that would correspond to attend to the student in his absence and in subjects not studied of other levels.
Priority will also be given to ensuring that the student's mobility process and qualifications have been satisfactory. Therefore, the report that the foreign center emits on the student after the mobility will be valued.

In each case, the recognition will always be governed by the law and the center's regulations in these matters. And understanding that the ECTS credits are full recognition in the European Higher Education Area.


MOBILITY RECOGNITIONS table (Aeolian 2021)

Students interested in making mobility during the summer may request tutoring with the Head of Mobility to study what options they have and resolve doubts about the steps to follow, as this type of mobility is not included in the ESAD training program of Eolia .

The offer of activities in the summer is very varied and depends on each center of studies. Since summer mobility is not within the exchange programs, students must assume the cost of the activities at the exchange center and, unfortunately, there is no help.

The deadline for signing up for summer programs is different for each school, but usually the inscriptions are between February and March. To be admitted in some of them it is necessary to send the CV and do an audition (face to face or non-present). From the area of ​​academic secretary all the facilities regarding the issuance of academic certificates and academic records will be available, without any extra cost for the student.

Recommendation of schools with summer programs

Stella Adler Studio of Acting (New York)

HB Studio (New York)

NYU Tisch (New York)

Guildford School of Acting (Guildford, United Kingdom)

Internship mobility can be done in an institution that has the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) or also in any public or private organization in the field of the labor market or in the education, training and youth, except EU institutions and other bodies, including specialized agencies and organizations managing EU programs, such as National Agencies. The program provides a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.

Students who have just obtained their degree will also be able to choose to do an internship mobility the year after completing their studies.

Until now, Eòlia ESAD has not yet made any mobility of practices. If a student is interested, you can ask for more information to the Head of mobility to know the possible centers or companies available and the procedures to follow.

Mobility course 2021-2022 

The students of the Degree in EAS of Dramatic Art of Interpretation Judit Reverte, Carla Griñó, Anna Manyà, Guillermo Vernal and Helena Martínez and of Direction Elisa Enrech ofEolia, School of Dramatic Arts begin their international exchange in the UIC School of Theater and Music of Illinois at Chicago.

Interpretation students Clàudia Hernández, Marina Salvador, Mireia Federico, Sara Font (3rd year students), Jaume Llagostera and Laia Aragall (4th year students) are studying at the Rose Bruford College London.

Mobility course 2019-2020 

Higher degree students in acting Oscar Gimenez, Marina Ogalla and Priscilla Zanni fromEolia, School of Dramatic Arts They have begun their international exchange at the UIC School of Theater and Music of Illinois at Chicago i Jana Serra a Rose Bruford in London.

Mobility course 2018-2019 

Images of the students Júlia Barragán, Andra Molina, Alexandre Rodríguez i Laura Salvador (eg Interpretation) of its mobility a School of Theater and Music, University of Illinois (Chicago, USA).

Images of the student Sofia Cortés and Elna Roca (eg Interpretation) of its mobility a Rose Bruford College.

El 31 on October of 2018 We had the meeting to talk about them Mobility Announcements 2019 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) and Rose Bruford College (Sidcup, London, UK), with ESAD students, the School Director Josep Galindo, the Head of mobility Carolina Llacher and the Head of studies Nuria Sánchez.

Mobility course 2017-2018 

Images of the students Maria Sanz and Adriana Galicia (eg Interpretation) of its mobility a School of Theater and Music, University of Illinois (Chicago, USA).

On October 18, 2017 we had the meeting to talk about the Mobility Announcements 2018 a University of Chicago (Illinois, USA) i Rose Bruford College (Sidcup, London, UK), with students fromESAD, the Principal of the school Josep Galindo, the Head of mobility Margaret Luppinor the Head of Studies Nuria Sánchez.

Mobility course 2016-2017

Images of the students Marc Pavón (eg Interpretation) i Jordi Casado (eg Scenic Direction and Dramaturgy) of its mobility a Rose Bruford College.

Rose Bruford College video

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