Europe, summer of 2001. The city of the protagonist of this show is experiencing the greatest restriction of social rights that the continent has experienced since the Second World War. Arrests. Identifications. 30.000 police patrol the streets and do not allow entry to the Red Zone, the place where the G8 world leaders are holding a summit. Ragazzo's fate will be marked forever when he makes the decision to stay in the Column of the Disobedient. Ragazzo is inspired by the story of Carlo Giuliani, the young man killed in Genoa during the G8 summit. A cry for life and for the vindication of collective memory and history that the masters of the world will never write for us.

From 1 to 3 February 2022
Pass at 20 p.m.

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Direction: Carol López

Text: A hard tackle from Lali Álvarez Garriga

A co-production of Aeolian R&D
Emerging Performers Show 2022

TV3 TV news. Eòlia's students make their first contact with professional theater with the help of established Catalan directors

Performers: Anna Castells PámiesAlba Castellví CardonaPatrick Gannon RossellMarc Marin MuñozNatalia Mas ParrillaFranzina Pegenaut MontañaMarta Penya De RamonMarc Pineda SánchezAnna Polan LlortJana Serra Sentinella i Jing Zhu