Aeolian Library

Eolia Library It is a service that the center puts within reach of its educational community. It contains a bibliographical collection of more than 1800 books specializing in theater, musical theater, dramaturgy and direction of actors and technical books of voice and body. This is complemented by a virtual archive of digitized books whose copyright has passed into the public domain.

The novelties that we will acquire throughout the course will be made known to you via networks, as well as in the cork of the reception of the two schools.

Please note that with the Aeolian card you can go to the library of the Institut del Teatre to consult and take out books.

Eolia Partituroteca contains booklets, scores (on paper and digitized) of musicals and songs in Catalan, English and German. Digitized scores may be requested at the school reception and will be delivered at the same time. Non-digitized scores can be requested at the school reception or via email ( and in the period of 24h they will be available to the user. This service is for the exclusive use of the students, the teaching staff and the administration and services staff of the center.

The conditions and duration of the loan of documents varies according to the type of users:

  • Teaching staff: 5 documents for 30 days.
  • Students (ESAD and Free School): 3 documents for 15 days.

From September to June, from Monday to Friday: 13.30h - 20.30h, at the headquarters of the Casp street, 82 basses.

Document reservations can be requested through mail
Reservations will be kept until the date indicated on the notice of collection.

The loan term of a document is renewable provided that another user has not made the reservation request previously and, as long as the request for extension is made within the term of the loan and not, once exhausted The extension of the loan term can be requested through mail to or to the reception of the school (Casp 82).

Documents not returned within the term are claimed by users via email based on the personal data available to the school. It is the responsibility of the users to keep them up to date. In case of loss or deterioration of the document, the user will have to restore it, while delivering a copy of the same edition. In the event that the document is exhausted, you must acquire another one with similar characteristics. Until this return is made effective, the user will not be able to make use of the loan service.

The following table shows the indicators relating to the library's bibliographic collection and the loan of copies.

DIMENSIONINDICATORS2016 – 172017 – 182018 – 192019 – 202020 – 21
LIBRARYBibliographic collection *1.8501.9872.0502.125-
Loan service **39101203344-

* Number of copies
** Number of loans