I am Rosa Galindo, co-founder and director of Eòlia, and I am here to give you the good news of the creation of Welfare, Sustainability and Transparency Commission (with the acronym COBE). The COBE will have as a priority objective to monitor and accompany processes, and to ensure that attention is not missed to any need or concern of all those who are part of our project.

This area, which we did not have and which we believe is essential today for a project like the one we have, is basic and absolutely necessary. The COBE it aims to pay attention to the kaleidoscope of needs and anxieties that will make us walk towards well-being. Well-being can have many meanings or mean very different things. Then, we will be here attentive to respond and make it easier for all of us from Aeolia to feel at home.

This is something that we have been doing historically since the first minute of the creation of this project, but now the time has come to structure it, so that everyone can feel very good about it, and with a lot of well-being.

To contact the COBE, you can write to us at

Moltes gràcies!

Rosa Galindo

Març 2024

Improvement actions

Ecological products

Starting this April, the addition of ecological products for the health of the Center's workers and users, and for environmental awareness.

These new products carry the EU Ecolabel certification, safety data and the seals that prove it.

Apart from cleaning products, we also incorporate ecological products into the services of the centers.

Attention to diversity and Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Eòlia CSAD we do not believe in monolithic protocols that uniform students. That's why we study all the variables to guarantee equal opportunities andAttention to diversity and Special Educational Needs (SEN) paying, moreover, special attention to protecting fair treatment and avoiding possible comparative grievances. In the same way, we take special care and sensitivity with all students who manifest any diagnosed problems or other particularities.