Description of the project

VEL A L'ULL David Borotau's Final Degree work premieres at the Eòlia Theater with a tragic comedy.

A couple lives in a residential neighborhood. There is also a gardener, Joel, a twenty-year-old boy who likes to smoke, he happens to have had a psychotic episode at eighteen, which is why he goes to the psychologist. Joel's dad is a pig, he doesn't shower and he's a mess. These are recurring comments from Joel. The couple's frustrating heterobasic married world, fortunately, goes a little further to shit with the appearance of Joel.

From 06/10/22 to 09/10/22

Authorship and direction: David Borotau
Interpretation: Marc DarbraMarta
White hairAlex Cortes i Sergi Badesa
Dramaturgical advice: Javier Daulte
Assistant director: Elisa Enrech

Photographs: Laia Tubión
Scenery and costumes: Lina Bedoya
Making: Norma Cristina Otálora
Lighting design: Andrés Piza
Sound design: Michael Segovia
Music: Mr. Goose
MakeupElisa Rochel
Production: Lina Bedoya
Management: Jessica Bozzo Harp

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