The Odyssey Scholarship opens its second call. In this 2019 edition, a theatrical project will be selected which will receive:

  • A financial aid of 3.700 €.
  • Assignment of test space to the Creation Spaces Eolia R & D.
  • Up to 3 weeks of presentation of the work to the public of the Eòlia Theater in Barcelona.
  • 1 week of technical residence at the theater.
  • Communication and dissemination of the work through the communication department of Eòlia i + D.

To participate in the call, download the bases and send us all the documentation to before 14 in July.

.Eolia i + D publishes its assessment commission for the Odysseus Eolia Scholarship and + D 2019

Barcelona, ​​18 of July of the 2019. Last Sunday, the 14 in July finalized the deadline for submitting projects to opt for the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia i + D 2019. This July the evaluation commission of the Scholarship will decide which of the projects received will become the winner of this production aid. The winning company will receive, for the private, the news of the award of the scholarship next 26 in July and will not be until the presentation of the theater season (the 3 in September) that will be made public.

Below we detail the people who are part of this evaluation committee:
Rosa Galindo (artistic director of the Eòlia Theater and co-director of Eòlica ESAD)
Josep Galindo (co-director of Eolia Esad)
Pablo Ley (Head of the Department of Drama of Eòlica ESAD and adviser of programming)
Anna Espunya (Coordination of programming, communication and technical manager of the Eòlia Theater)
Conchita Pons (Production Eolia i + D)
David Pintó (Adviser of programming of the Eòlia Theater)

What is the Odyssey Eolia and + D Scholarship?

La Odisseu Scholarship It is part of the Creation Spaces Eòlia i + D  together with the Teatre Eòlia and with the collaboration of Barcelona City Council through the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona. Its main objective is to support emerging companies in the country for the creation, dissemination and exhibition of their new shows. So the Odysseus Aeolian i + D Scholarship wants to give a space for rehearsal and experimentation where to try and develop the theatrical languages ​​of these companies.

The commitment and the will of Eòlia i + D is to consolidate a dynamic space and constant improvement of the young companies of scenic arts. In this way, it collects the decalogue of the Creation Areas of R + D:

  • Encourage and encourage Innovation and Development in the field of performing arts.
  • Investigate and develop proposals in the field of culture, performing arts and society.
  • Protect emerging creative projects to help the fact that -the projects and their members-find a fit in the professional environment.
  • To foment the projects of collaboration between consolidated professionals and young people promises.
  • Host, and give coverage and visibility to new creative and artistic proposals.
  • Use its resources in the diffusion of contemporary creation.
  • Serve as an international platform and meeting point for our culture abroad.
  • Encourage the creation of new audiences in the field of performing arts.
  • Dedicate their efforts to dynamise social groups at risk of exclusion by encountering the performing arts, and engaging the means at their disposal in the dissemination of solidarity causes.
  • Encourage research and development around creative proposals: creation of new aesthetics, and new and updated dramaturgies.


Winner 2019:

Kentucky has died

Creation and direction: Carla Torres and Clara Manyós
Performers: Raúl Bernal, Melcior Casals, Vero Cendoya, Jordi Cornudella, Clara Manyós, Carmela Poch and Carla Torres
Scenography: Anna Tantull
Sound space: Jordi Cornudella and Raúl Bernal
Clothes: Zaida Crespo
Helper direction: Prat Minerva
Production: scenic EMERGENCES