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21 07, 2021

Advanced techniques for vocal interpretation


. ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR VOCAL INTERPRETATION A course to deepen in the expression and the vocal interpretation [...]

Advanced techniques for vocal interpretation2021-07-21T11:07:05+02:00
19 07, 2021

Introduction to movement and interpretation


Do you want to encourage your theatrical artistic vocation? If you feel that the theater is calling you, but you are not sure [...]

Introduction to movement and interpretation2021-07-19T15:28:49+02:00
14 07, 2021

Singing training plan


. SINGING TRAINING PLAN Professional training plan with its own four-year degree. . ANNUAL TRAINING [...]

Singing training plan2021-07-14T12:59:50+02:00
13 07, 2021

Estill Voice Training


Estill Voice Training (Voice Craft) is a systematic approach to voice training, to improve performance [...]

Estill Voice Training2021-07-13T22:03:13+02:00
13 07, 2021

Musical Theater Workshops


. MUSICAL THEATER WORKSHOPS. The aim of these courses is to promote a good musical and vocal base in order to [...]

Musical Theater Workshops2021-07-13T22:15:39+02:00
12 07, 2021

Style laboratory


. STYLE LABORATORY Train your vocal agility by improvising with different musical ways and styles. . In the art world [...]

Style laboratory2021-07-14T13:02:14+02:00
2 07, 2021

Creative movement laboratory


It is a space of creation through the body and emotions. We will work on the methodology of "Coaching of [...]

Creative movement laboratory2021-07-02T14:46:57+02:00
2 07, 2021

Movement coaching: Journey to the body


Self-knowledge and emotional leadership program It is a physical, emotional, spiritual journey to the body. You will learn to connect with you [...]

Movement coaching: Journey to the body2021-07-02T14:13:33+02:00