Ethey are not the ones to complain and watch as the wound bleeds and gets deeper and deeper. They are not the type to let themselves get wet by the storm, planting their feet on the ground, without looking for shelter, to, later, complain that the water has penetrated them to the bone. They are not of those who have had everything given to them and now they do not know how to conquer everything that has been taken from them. They are the ones who swallow their fear. Of those who get their hands dirty. The ones that cry out to be heard. And they look into the eyes of the present, knowing it is theirs. And you... Which one are you from? Have you ever wondered?

Twenty years ago I lived in an alley in Barcelona, ​​and in front of my house a graffiti on the wall stirred my soul every day: "How many of your family do you have to kill to become a terrorist?". At that time I read for the first time The Just, by Albert Camus, which left another question imprinted on my conscience: even in the use of violence as a form of struggle are there limits?

These two questions begat me more: what must happen for a group of activists to decide to use violence? Can this decision be justified? Is it of any use? Do you need special training?

All these questions have accompanied me over time in my desire not to remain impassive in the face of injustice. They have been changing form and content and have made me question how far I would be willing to go in defense of a fairer world.

We live in a frightening time, but still calm enough that these questions don't have to be part of most people's everyday lives, but if ever we have to, we don't want to be caught off guard, nor do we want to to make the mistakes that our civilizations have made before to the point of exhaustion, it is certainly necessary that we have talked about it and that we have hesitated collectively. And this is what the theater allows us: to put on the table those topics that make us uncomfortable and reflect on them collectively.

From this need is born Autumn never comes.

When I learned that I would direct the final process of creating the training of this group of students who make up La Bona Companyia, I immediately thought of The Righteous and of doing our own reading and a free approach in which we could ask things from the worries of the present.

And this is where we are now. About to open the doors for you to reflect with us... Would you be willing to give your life for an ideal? And to take someone else's life?

Lali Alvarez

From 06/07/23 to 09/07/23

Thursday and Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

Authorship and direction: Lali Alvarez
Interpretation: Alba Prim, Bruna Jansà, Cira Martinez Portero, Diego Neira, Gemma Charro, Júlia Sanfeliu, Mariona Pagès Buixeda, Paula Puig and Santiago “Pistachin” Arcos

From "The Righteous” by Albert Camus.

Sound space design: Lali Alvarez
Lighting design: Andrés Piza
Scenography collaborator: Louis Polo
Movement advice: Teresa Garcia

Photographs: Marco Marton

Acknowledgments: Ágora space Juan Andrés Benítez