Description of the project

Directing and dramaturgy student and professor David Vert in "The Alchemist", from May 11 to June 04 in the Small Hall of the National Theater of Catalonia. The show also features the participation of former acting teacher Núria Legarda as choreographer.

We find ourselves in Flanders in the 1500s and accompany Zenó, a doctor and alchemist, in the last years of his life. the alchemist is an adaptation of Marguerite Yourcenar's novel, The Œuvre au noir (© Gallimard), which recreates a Europe that oscillates between the darkness of the Middle Ages and the light of the Renaissance. A world that seems almost dystopian to us and, at the same time, outlines issues in an almost visionary way.

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Images © David Ruano / TNC and Bernhard de Grendel