Dubbing practices in a professional study

Intensive courses in dubbing practices in a professional studio. The aim of the courses is to train the interpreter in the art of dubbing, both from an artistic and technical point of view. There is a practical immersion in concepts such as vocal articulation, lip sync, speed and versatility in front of the dubbing microphone, script adjustment, rhythm and dramatic emotion of the original actors on the screen, instant memory … Practice with takes (dubbing units) in comedy, dramatic, cartoon, TV series, documentaries…

Due to its specificity, the number of students in the groups is small. In the basic level course, the first session takes place at the Eòlia headquarters and the rest of the days at Onda Estudios at Carrer Rosselló 396, mezzanine 2ª 08025 Barcelona.

Courses from 16 years

Intensive courses with WAVE studies 

Basic level (6 sessions)


From February 15 to March 21, 2024
Thursday from 18h to 20h
Price: € 355 / € 340 students

Intermediate level (11 sessions) 

From 10 January to 20 of March of 2024

Wednesday from 18h to 20h
Price: €595*

*Discounts are not applied in this course. To be able to access the intermediate level, you must have taken the basic level of Eolia or prove previous training in dubbing.


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