01011 is the system of illusions, life and color. 01011 is the system that has been designed to live in harmony, peace and balance. The configured algorithms are responsible for perpetuating the loop that keeps each citizen in his place, in his dream and in his cycle.

In this system of repetition the past does not exist and the future is a copy of the present designed according to the state of each one. There are two possible states: 0 off and 1 on.

The 0's represent 99% of citizens. 1 represents 1%. All of them strongly believe in this system.

The laws are clear and the world is safe but this system will yield, the loop it will break and 100% of the citizens will suffer the change.

From 28/09/23 to 01/10/23

Thursday and Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

Dramaturgy and direction: Lucia Ponseti
Counseling in dramaturgy and direction: Carla Rovira
Cast: Sara Quiñonero, Joana Traveria, Júlia Costa, Anna del Campo

Changing room: Meritxell Julian
Lighting: Anna Carrasquedo and Lucia Ponseti
Music and sound space: nesky
Photographs and Audiovisuals: Anna Carrasquedo