Sandal Productions offers us the chance to learn and develop one of the characters that will be part of the puppet show "Liberté" that the producer plans to premiere between late 2021 and early 2022.

What is the Workshop about?

The Workshop aims to experience, share, visualize and investigate the emotions transmitted to us by the movements we give to this puppet; a life-size wooden horse.

Create art in movement. Create life. Create emotion. This is the challenge of the artists who manipulate and turn a piece of wood into a living being that transmits and excites us, and this will be the challenge and learning of those who participate in this free workshop.

The project uses animals as a pretext and metaphor for how we humans relate to other humans. Of how we coerce ourselves, control ourselves, and how we deprive ourselves of our freedoms. Of our life

The aim is to create a team of manipulators trained to be able to develop the show "Liberté" and the possible actions or promotions that are linked to the presence of the horse in other shows, fairs or festivals through artistic recruitment. of the candidates.

Free workshop

dates: From 5 to 16 July 2021. FULL COURSE *
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (6 days)
De 16h a 19h

Information session, face-to-face:  Monday, June 21 at 17 pm in the Library classroom.
Places: 10 people.

* Interested in the course write to to enter waiting list.

Workshop: Josep Sucarrats and Sandal Productions.

All participants must transfer the image rights to take photographs and / or video recordings in order to promote the workshop and the art project.

Workshop registration at this link:

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