Interpretation in front of the camera

Introduction to the camera

When acting in the audiovisual medium, whether in film or television, the performer is basically in several conflicts that he has to overcome: initially, it is necessary to find confidence in his own work and image; you need to know how to use all the tools available to recreate a character that is believable and thrills the viewer; it is necessary to adapt its action to an environment that demands truth, intensity and at the same time restraint; it must also be adapted to the requirements of the cinematographic technique; and finally, you need to learn to be part of a team, to understand the roles involved in a shoot, your needs and your times, to be able to manage concentration and availability during a shoot.

In this totally practical course I will become aware of the same image and accept it to get the most out of it; we will learn to manage the respect imposed by the camera; to practice listening, concentration, intensity and restraint; to use interpretive techniques to find truth, simplicity and emotion; we will interpret situations, monologues and scenes and adapt them to the technical needs of the plans, the lighting, the rhythm of the optical and camera movements, as well as the common errors of axis jump or lack of continuity.

Finally, we will learn the operation of a filming team, with their roles and needs and how to manage our concentration and availability to give the maximum performance of our interpretation at all times.

Academic year 2023 – 2024

Schedules available

Annual course:
From October 2 to June 21

  • Monday from 19pm to 21.30pm. BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER
  • Wednesday from 8am to 11am. PLE GROUP
  • Wednesday from 11am to 14pm. PLE GROUP
  • Thursday from 19pm to 22pm. PLE GROUP  

Teaching staff: Toni Vives

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Acting in front of camera

Acting in front of the camera demands from the performer a very high level of intimacy, truth and organicity. It is necessary to apply the necessary technique and incorporate emotion into the actors' work from a confidence and self-knowledge that guarantees organicity and precision in everything the actor does in front of the camera. After a first year where the student has worked on the basic contents from a totally practical side and has learned to become aware of their own image; now we will go deeper and go beyond the concepts started the previous year so that the student continues to grow and train in front of the camera. You have to stop acting to live the experience and you have to stop doing to start feeling.

It is a course where a constant, exhaustive and extensive training proposal is made based on technical work and the work of emotions to incorporate knowledge that will last the student to excellence.

At the same time, there will be proposals for practical work based on film scenes and monologues, castings, self-tapes and auditions.

On the other hand, there will also be theoretical work based on the concepts of language and audiovisual culture and where work will be done: the roles involved in a shoot, concepts of language and audiovisual narrative, reference films and directors, the current state of the industry and, for final year students, the management and promotion strategies of the performer's career.

Academic year 2023 – 2024

Schedules available

First semester:
From September 18 to February 16

  • Monday from 11am to 14pm with Jorge-Yamam Serrano
  • Wednesday from 19pm to 22pm with Alicia Verdes
  • Thursday from 11am to 14pm (advanced level) with Alicia Verdes

Second semester:
From 19 from February to 21 in June

  • Monday from 11am to 14pm with Alicia Verdes
  • Wednesday from 19pm to 22pm with Jorge-Yamam Serrano
  • Thursday from 11am to 14pm (advanced level) with Cristina Gàmiz

This subject must be taken together with the Diction and Articulation subject, in order to complete the cinema elective Block of the Free Training.

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