Year 2009. The Superior Commissioner of the Mossos d'Esquadra, David Piqué and Batallé theorizes the Sherwood syndrome. In this study, he details the coordination processes of state powers (recognized and factual) to end, by all means necessary (including violence), the phenomenon of occupation in Barcelona. This work, however, over time, is used to repress and end many and varied protest movements.

Year 2022. The Saura Company reveals to the world the existence of aliens on Earth. This has been infiltrating our society for years. To survive, they sneak into people's weddings for free food.

Threatened by this problem, which affects the world order, the media, political, judicial and police powers will shell out and put Sherwood's syndrome into motion again to end this new danger, revealing the seams of our democratic system. Will the actresses manage to save our galactic neighbors?

October 13 and 14, 2023

Friday at 17pm and Saturday at 19pm

Direction and drama: Mario Rebugent
Performers: Sara Font Cucurull, Mònica Balsells Miquel, Carla Griñó Colomé, Berta Peña Tomàs and Lidia Rodríguez Blanco

Audiovisuals: Peter Vendrell
Lighting: Laura Serena

Management Assistant: Peter Vendrell
Mentoring and external vision: Núria Coromines

Executive production Eolia: Julia Faneca

Production Saura: Mario Rebugent
Distribution: Sara Source
Communication: Monica Balsells
Administration: Carla Griño

Promotional image: Peter Vendrell

A production of Eólia Escena Emergent and cia. The Saura

Acknowledgments: Eòlia CSAD and Theater Eòlia. Andrés Piza, Martí Torras, Pablo Ley, Lluís Polo, Eric Rufó, Claudia Rebugent, the Eòlia CSAD team and Teatre Eòlia. And to our mothers and fathers.