Former student Sara Espígul starred in the play Monopoly of the former student Mon Monegal in the Atrium Room.2022-01-13T19:50:19+01:00
Former student Bàrbara Mestanza wins the 2021th High Season Festival Drama Tournament XNUMX2022-01-12T19:53:05+01:00
POSESPAÑA, by Cia. The Casa de Asterión, made up of 4 alumni, opens on October 13 at the Aeolian Theater.2021-11-24T16:36:30+01:00
€ 200.000 by Priscil·la Zanni with alumni Sergio Navarro and Marta Mateo at the Teatre Eòlia.2021-10-05T16:31:46+02:00
CLOWNS by Tony Casla and the Antzoki Teatteri Company awarded at the II International theater without fund festival in Alexandria.2021-10-06T11:14:13+02:00
“M DE VEDELLA” by Aleix Fauró with the students of the 4th Free Creation Workshop of the F. Lliure at the Teatre Eòlia.2021-10-05T13:32:14+02:00
“EL PRIMER HOMBRE QUE…” by Carla Torres with the students of the Creative Workshop of 4th grade of the F. Lliure at the Teatre Eòlia.2021-10-05T12:45:53+02:00
Oriol Bertran, a former director of conducting, presents HACERSE EL MUERTO at the Teatre Eòlia with the student Sergio Navarro.2021-04-28T13:57:29+02:00
CLOWNS by Tony Casla winner of the Best Performance Award at the GingerFest in Tula, Russia.2021-04-26T14:41:14+02:00
Pruna, by Queralt Riera, winner of the 2019 Adrià Gual Theater Prize at La Seca Espai Brossa.2021-04-26T15:02:14+02:00