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CABELL KURT WORK IN PROGRESS Final Degree work by Sasha Rossich premieres at the Eòlia Theatre.2022-10-14T14:45:55+02:00
EL BENEFACTOR Omar Bañón's Final Degree work premieres at Teatro Eòlia with alumni of Eòlia.2022-10-14T14:38:13+02:00
Carla Torres, student of stage direction and drama and teacher, presents ESTAT DESGRÀCIA at the Teatre Tantarantana.2022-05-29T21:22:44+02:00
Former student and teacher Mariona Esplugues presents her creation, direction and performance with BOJA at the Teatre Eòlia.2022-05-29T21:38:05+02:00
“Alavida o cómo decir adiós” by former Luna Llay students in Laia Alberch's dramaturgy and acting and directing at the Teatre La Gleva.2022-05-26T21:43:13+02:00
Eternal, a short film directed by Andrea Lizarte, winner of the Lift Off First Time Filmmaker Award and nominated for international festivals.2022-02-21T21:39:39+01:00
Former student Sara Espígul starred in the play Monopoly of the former student Mon Monegal in the Atrium Room.2022-01-13T19:50:19+01:00
Former student Bàrbara Mestanza wins the 2021th High Season Festival Drama Tournament XNUMX2022-01-12T19:53:05+01:00
POSESPAÑA, by Cia. The Casa de Asterión, made up of 4 alumni, opens on October 13 at the Aeolian Theater.2021-11-24T16:36:30+01:00
€ 200.000 by Priscil·la Zanni with alumni Sergio Navarro and Marta Mateo at the Teatre Eòlia.2021-10-05T16:31:46+02:00