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Admission of international students

At ESADE Eolia we accept foreign students of all nationalities, as long as they have a suitable profile for our studies in dramatic art. Depending on your level of academic training and the languages ​​you speak, you can access different types of training:

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If you want to train in interpretation in Barcelona, ​​you can access our online language in Spanish that we offer at our 3r course of our higher education. Unfortunately, we do not offer English studies of Performing Direction and Dramaturgy, only in Spanish.


  • Have the passport in order.
  • You must have at least 2 academic years taken at an official school or university in Dramatic Arts (BA or BFA, Higher Degree, University Degree). If the school is not official, its training and artistic experience will be valued.
  • People without any training in Dramatic Art are not admitted in these studies.


  • AUTUMN (first semester). From 15 from September to 31 in January.
  • SPRING (2nd semester). From 1 from February to 15 in June.


The number of places offered in each semester will depend on the students who arrive at our school through our exchange agreements. Eólica ESAD receives students from London and Chicago every year in the second semester (Spring). Therefore, usually the center has more places in the first semester (Autumn).


To be able to access our online language in English, the interested party must send via email to the following documentation:

  • Passport
  • Artistic curriculum
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Academic file of the student of the center where he studies or has studied.
  • Letter of recommendation from one or more teachers at your school.
  • Certificate of level in English, if the interested party is not native.
  • It will be necessary to conduct an interview via Skype with the director of Eòlica ESAD.

In the case of being admitted to the center, the student will have to pay the corresponding fee and begin their procedures with the embassy in their country. ESADE Eolia will provide a letter of acceptance to the student in order to obtain her study visa.


The center offers the following subjects in English:

AUTUMN (1r semester)ECTS
Acting systems 5 (*)6
Oral expression for the spoken voice 5 (*)3
Body training 3 (*)3
Acting studio practice 5 (*)3,5
Acting in front of the camera 1 (**)6
Staging and theatre directing (**)6
Camera practice 1 (**)3
Repertoire performance workshop 2 (***)5
SPRING (2 semester)ECTS
Acting systems 6 (*)6
Oral expression for the spoken voice 6 (*)3
Body training 4 (*)3
Acting studio practice 6 (*)3,5
Acting in front of the camera 1 (**)6
Staging and theatre directing (**)6
Camera practice 1 (**)3
Repertoire performance workshop 5 (***)5

(*) Subjects that are studied with the students of Eòlia ESAD.

(**) Subjects that are only offered for international students. A minimum of 6 students enrolled is required to be taught.

(***) In order to be able to access this subject, it is necessary to demonstrate experience in singing and musical theater, and not always offered in English at our center. You will have to consult it.


At the end of the semester, ESADE Eòlia will provide the student (and in the center where they are from) an academic record detailing all subjects, ECTS credits (European system) and notes. For American students, between 30-35 ECTS credits equivalent to 15-18 credits from the American system.

The academic record will be necessary for all those students who come from exchange through your school and university, and you must validate the credits when you return to your country.


The price per semester at Aeolian ESAD is € 3.500. The admitted student must pay the first half one month before the start of the semester, and the second half at most the first week of classes.

Failure to pay tuition within the indicated time limits will result in the student not accepting the center.

Students who are moving from a center with an exchange agreement must pay the tuition at their center of origin.


Yes, we also admit some students to the line in Catalan / Spanish of our higher education, although we have few free places.

The admission process is the same, and all the documentation (curriculum vitae and letter of motivation) must be presented in Spanish. The subject proposal may vary depending on student level and available places. Therefore, the semester price may be slightly different. It will be necessary to do a study in each case and according to the academic year by which the request is made. Ask for more information at

If you do not have Spanish nationality you also have the right to access our Higher Degree in Dramatic Arts for 4 years. You can opt for the specialty of Interpretation or for Performing Direction and Dramaturgy.

Access must be done as the rest of the candidates to occupy a first grade place. It is essential to have the approved baccalaureate (official studies of your country up to 18 years) and to pass the test of access to our center that is held in June.

Is the Catalan language necessary? To access the specialty Interpretation yes, since in the Community of Catalonia we have two official languages, and by regulations of the Department of Education in official studies, our students must obtain the educational competencies in both languages. We do not ask you to have a perfect diction at the time of access, but you will have to defend a monologue in Catalan.

In the case of the specialty of Performing Direction and Dramaturgy, Catalan is not essential to speak.

What you have to keep in mind is that the registration period for entrance examinations takes place from April to June, and access tests are in person and are carried out at our school the second fortnight of June. You can not access these official studies by any other means.

INFORMATION OF STUDIES: You can find all the information about the subjects, the proof of access, the prices and the scholarships in our web page:

STUDY VISA: The school will provide the interested party with a letter of acceptance to the proof of access to higher studies once the fees for the proof (185 €) have been paid.

APPOINTMENT OF BATTLING: For international students, it will be essential that you certify your bachelor's degree in the Department of Education of Barcelona. In order to start the process, you will need to be residents in Barcelona. You will not be able to enroll in the first year if you have not begun the approval of the baccalaureate. More information on the homologation process at:

The non-official training programs (Free Degree) are also open to international students, but they are studies that are not registered in the Spanish Ministry of Education. The advantage they have is that you are not obligated to do all the complete training, you can take the years you need and the subjects that interest you most.

In this training, it is not necessary to speak Catalan, but Spanish. We do not offer English lessons in free training. No scholarships are also offered in these unofficial studies.

Access to free training is done between May and September, and classes begin in October. It is not necessary to demonstrate official studies, but it is necessary to make a small hearing so that we can know your profile and your acting level.

INFORMATION OF THE STUDIES: You can find all the information about the training plans, the proof of access and the prices on our web page:

STUDY VISA: The school will provide the interested party with a letter of acceptance during the first year of the training once registration fees have been paid for the course (200 €). It will also be necessary for the interested party to send their artistic resume and a copy of the Passport to

If you have already completed a complete training at another school or college of dramatic art and you want to extend your knowledge, you have the option of making a tailor made plan with the different subjects that we offer in our free training.

The new techniques that you can acquire in our center are:

  • Actress Daulte training.
  • Vocal training Fitzmaurice Voicework.
  • Training voice spoken and sung Estill Voice Training.
  • Actoral training in front of the camera.
  • Modules of theatrical pedagogy.

Depending on your interests, we will make a tailor-made plan and an annual cost of tuition. The final offer of the subjects will be specified once the student arrives in Barcelona and auditions with the center's director. Access is open throughout the academic year.

STUDY VISA: The school will provide the interested party with an acceptance letter for one year of studies once registration fees have been paid for the course (€ 200). It will also be necessary for the interested party to send their artistic resume and a copy of the Passport to

SORRY, WE DON'T HAVE MASTERS YET! Aeolian ESAD is preparing a master's degree in theater pedagogy, but it is not yet fully designed and will need to be approved by the Department of Education. Wait a few more years!

Course 2022-2023

This year we once again have the pleasure of welcoming to Eòlia 8 exchange students from the UIC School of Theater and Music in Chicago and Rose Bruford College in London, who will take the 3rd year English course of the EAS Degree Dramatic Art, specialty of Interpretation. February 2023.
Hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona! Now it's time for you to learn, make friends and have fun!

Course 2021-2022

This year we have welcomed the international mobility students of the UIC School of Theater and Music in Chicago: Aranza Alvarado, Kaylah Crosby, Adam Lawdan, Kevin Ross and Yourtana Sulaiman and the Conservatoire Royal de Liège in Belgium: Jeanne Berger and Josépha Sini , who are doing the line in English of 3rd year of the Degree in EAS of Dramatic Art specialty of Interpretation.

And on February 4th we welcomed 4 exchange students from Rose Bruford College London: James Severn, Kimberly Billing Mortensen, Baillie Dobson and Phoebe Hardman.

Course 2020-2021

On February 4, 2021 we welcomed half of the international students who will join our Higher Studies program in the English Interpretation Specialty in the spring of 2021, from Rose Bruford College (London) .

Erik Nordebrink, Peppe J. Russo, Adrianna Paniak and Jonathan Cuenot.

Course 2019-2020

On February 11, 2020 at Aeolian School of Dramatic Art we welcomed the International Mobility students of the UIC School of Theater and Music and the students of the Eramus + program of Rose Bruford College. Welcome!

Course 2018-2019 

On February 12, 2019 we welcomed the students of international mobility of Rose Bruford College and UIC School of Theater and Music who during this 2nd semester of the course, join the students of 3rd of Aeolian School Superior of Dramatic Art. Welcome to Aeolian.

Course 2017-2018 

Images of the students of School of Theater and Music, University of Illinois (Chicago, USA)Rose Bruford College en Esad's Open Classrooms specializing in Interpretation.

6 February 2018 we welcomed the students of ERASMUS de Rose Bruford College i University of Illinois at Chicago who will pursue their higher studies in dramatic art at Aeolian School of Dramatic Art during this semester! Welcome !!!


Young housing offers Rent of apartments and rooms for students in Barcelona. Student residences, colleges, accommodation for short stays.


Contact with  Young Housing Barcelona

C / Enric Granados, 19 Bajos 1 08007 Barcelona
+34 933 239 068



In March 2017 theEolia School has signed a collaboration agreement with the Onyx Student Residence, at Carrer Sardenya 101-137 in Barcelona for all students and teachers who need accommodation during the school year.

The Onix residence, located a short distance from Aeolian, offers students who wish and communicate this in advance to the school secretary, preferential conditions in the price of tuition and monthly fee.

The residence has perfectly equipped facilities for students, with leisure areas, study areas, Internet room, music box, an outdoor pool and gym. The rooms, which have a kitchen included, can be single or shared.Onix_logo_new web

If a student of Aeolian wants to find out more about discounts, he can go to the reception of Casp 82 street and they will inform him in more detail or by sending an email to Or by calling 933 192 397.

IMPORTANT! If you do not speak Spanish, you cannot take all higher education (official program) or free studies.