El Music Workshop i Eòlia Superior Center of Dramatic Art, join in a collaboration agreement to create the Master in Musical Theater Creation. The degree offers performers, composers, directors and playwrights the opportunity to deepen the tools that interrelate music and theater and to understand the theoretical and structural mechanisms of the genre. It has a teaching team made up of active professionals specializing in the subject.

The Master's can be taken in whole or in part.

60 Credits – Title


El Master in Musical Theater Creation aims to provide students who enroll with specialized tools for the creation and performance of original and home-produced musicals, and to promote cooperation between professionals.

It is a university-level master's degree where you deepen the essential knowledge to write a musical, with eminently practical subjects. In addition, it enriches and complements the students' abilities and skills in order to enhance their creativity, expression and interpretation.

The master's degree provides the necessary pedagogical structure in order to investigate the field of musical theater in theoretical depth; prepare, produce and create shows of this genre; expand contemporary artistic, academic and technical training; and the approach in the use of new technologies applied to the scene.

In the Master in Musical Theater Creation the genre is analyzed from a historical point of view in order to understand the aesthetic decisions that were made when creating the great works admired today. It also analyzes the sources of inspiration of the great masters, a fundamental exercise that helps students find their own genuine, personal and non-transferable way of doing things.

The structure of the master's degree is made up of weekly subjects (History of musical theatre, representative composers, song lyrics workshop, the study of dramaturgy, pre-production of a musical, applied technology, composition and deconstruction of songs...) and, also a series of master classes given by active professionals: Albert Guinovart, Anna Rosa Cisquella, Jordi Sellas, Albert Faura, Nina, Arnau Vila, Joan Vives, among others.

El Master in Musical Theater Creation has a specialized bibliography for consultation. The master's degree is a meeting point between professionals interested in the genre and a space for dialogue between creators.


Graduates of higher studies in music, drama, directing and acting and professors, teachers and professionals in the sector who wish to extend their training can access it. The personal interview will also assess any non-regulated training or experience.


Musician, music director and composer

Musician, music director and composer

stage manager

Musician, music director and composer


Course 2023-2024
Academic duration: 1 year, from October to June

1st Semester: from October 31 to February 22, 2024
White Week: from February 26 to March 3, 2024
2nd Semester: from March 7 to June 13, 2024

Holidays and non-school days: December 5 and 7, December 26 and 28, January 2 and 4, March 26 and 28


Theoretical journey through the evolution of the genre. The historical context goes hand in hand with the artistic contributions of the genre. The historical context marks the evolution of the arts.

Study of the evolution of the genre from its origins to the present day, delving into the structure-skeleton that supports each analyzed work. Special attention is paid to the elaboration of the dramaturgy that will make up the master's thesis.

Study and analysis of the most representative composers of musical theatre. Research, systematization and practice of musical style and song type. Contributions and innovations.

Study of the mechanisms of song lyrics in musical theatre. Analysis of letter structures. Types of songs and their function within the musical. Spotting the songs. Analysis of the structure of classical musical theatre. Rhetorical figures.

Composition exercises based on models from different periods. Transcription of specific fragments to be able to break down, study and modify to enhance creativity. Construction of melodies following the model of various composers.

Analysis of the form and construction of a song and its function within a show. Adaptation of interpretation taking into account context, time and style. Work on songs from a practical side to understand how to help a performer achieve professional excellence. Transversal subject where the way to stage a song is considered from different perspectives (interpretation, music and direction).

Panoramic view of the technologies involved in the current contemporary scene, where different languages ​​are hybridized.

Masterclasses taught by professionals linked to the world of production, the stage, councillorship, composition, direction and management of theaters and equipment. Development of a journal of the acquired knowledge, with the monitoring of a tutor.

Presentation of the basic production lines of a musical. We work from the pre-production phase until the beginning of the materialization of the idea.

Elaboration of the libretto and the score of a creative musical. Through working groups, the performers, directors and playwrights prepare the libretto and the lyrics of the songs. Instrumentalists and composers build the musical structure. Presentation of the creation in dramatized reading format. The whole process is supervised by a tutor.


Musical theater in Catalonia

with Antoni Font-Mir
Actor, director and founder of

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
From 11am to 13pm at the Eòlia Theatre

Catalonia has a long and unknown history of musical theatre. Most books specializing in musical theater tell the story from the American point of view. Here we will explain it from our reality, we will explain what the books do not yet say, the history of musical theater in Catalonia.

The relationship between the material and the performer

with Nina
Actress, singer and speech therapist

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
From 11am to 13pm at the Eòlia Theatre

Understanding that the actor is a mere channel through which texts and music pass, is the great favor we can do the material and the author. And to the public.

The recipe for success: teamwork

with Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
From 11am to 13pm at the Eòlia Theatre

Talk about their professional career in musical theatre, the first projects they did together and will sing songs from "Què, the new musical", "Geronimo Stilton, the Musical of the Kingdom of Fantasy" and "The Little Prince" .

The production of the great musicals

with Jordi Sellas

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
From 11am to 13pm at the Eòlia Theatre

Talk about his professional career in the production of large-format musical theater and the current and future of musical theater in Catalonia as a cultural industry.

Jordi Sellas has been the driving force behind the musicals produced by Nostromo Live: "La jaula de las locas", "La tienda de los horrores", "Cantando bajo la lluvia" and "The Producers".

He is currently the director of the IDEAL Digital Arts Center. He was the promoter of the musical "Next to normal Immersive" with Alice Ripley.


  • INTERRELATION OF DRAMATURGIES. Speaker: Ariadna Peya and Andreu Gallén 17/04/2024 at 11am.
  • THE PRODUCTION OF THE GREAT MUSICALS. Speaker: Anna Rosa Cisquella. Wednesday 29/05/2024 at 11am.

Masterclasses open to current EÒLIA and Musicians' Workshop students and alumni.

Limited capacity.



David Pintó Codinasaltas of Eolia CSAD

Toni Pagès of the Musician's Workshop


Open registrations

Entities and centers with a discount: Eòlia CSAD, Taller de Músic, Theater Institute, AADPC, SGAE, ESMUC.

Facilities are offered in the payment of the registration with monthly installments of the fee.


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