The Odyssey Scholarship is part of the Aeolian i + D Creation Spaces project together with the Teatre Eòlia and with the collaboration of Barcelona City Council through the Barcelona Institute of Culture. Its main objective is to support emerging companies in the country for the creation, dissemination and exhibition of their new shows.

Therefore, the Odisseu Eòlia i+D Scholarship wants to provide a rehearsal and experimentation space where these companies can test and develop their own scenic languages. The commitment and will of Eòlia i+D is to consolidate a dynamic and constantly improving space for young performing arts companies.

In this 2023 edition a theatrical project will be selected which will receive:

Production aid and exhibition of € 5.500.
Artistic residency in the Aeolian Creation R&D Spaces.
Technical residency at the Aeolian Theater.
First public presentation of the project at the Teatre Eòlia.

Rules and registration at:

Winning work 2023:

"The time of things” by Martí Costa Olivé.

With interpretation by Pol Forment Rivaud, Julia Calzada Garcia and Lluís Català Blesa. A dreamlike journey between sleepless nights that reflects on the role played by our context and the family in defining the challenges and conflicts to be resolved in order to feel our time in which we live.

"Freedom is not to do anything but to be free from fear: If we seek security, we will always be subjects in some way. On the other hand, losing fear emancipates us»
Marina Garces