Granés Batxillerat

El Performing Arts High School, music and dance taught at Granés Batxillerat It wants to be a guarantee of success for our students.

El GREAT TRET DIFFERENTIAL It falls to this modality being shared and distributed, together with Eolia, School of Dramatic Arts. Both centers have joined forces in order to join forces in order to achieve a better and more specific preparation for those students who wish to direct their future towards the world of Dramatic Art, music or dance in all and each of its aspects: actor training, stage direction, dramatic writing, television script,…

And also, thanks to the competences in communication and expression acquired throughout this Baccalaureate, they will have the option to contemplate other paths such as communication, advertising, pedagogy, multimedia ...

What is Granès Batxillerat?

  • The teaching staff and the contents of common subjects.
  • A study methodology that has helped thousands of students successfully overcome the Baccalaureate: eight assessments, individualized and grouped tutorials.
  • 60 years of experience are based on the motivation and guidance of their students.
  • Proximity and personalized accompaniment (students with name and surnames).
  • A team of close and vocational educators.
  • A cozy and study atmosphere.
  • Maximum fluidity in communication between parents, students and school.

What Eòlia does, Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático:

  • The teaching staff and the contents of modality and optional subjects.
  • A team of teachers who are, at the same time, active professionals.
  • The connection of the students with the professional world.
  • To be a gateway to the Higher Studies of Dramatic Arts, with an official and recognized degree.
  • Scenic practices from the first day of class.
  • Advanced techniques in the teaching of the Arts of the Spectacle and the Communication.
  • The experience of being the only private center in Catalonia that is authorized to impart higher studies of Dramatic Art.
  • Personalized follow-up and guidance towards the creative future of students.

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