What makes it so that it is those simple songs heard in the cradle that move me the most? What makes me always want to go home, even when the road is all gone? What makes me love my land like a baby loves its mother's heartbeat?

And, in spite of everything, why do I behave in my house like a stranger, who comes at night to pluck from the earth what he desires? Why do I treat my mother, the earth, as an object that can be bought, used and sold? Why do I trample on the ashes of my parents and steal the bread of my children?

How is it that everyone works to make the world sad, nowadays? That every invention that men make is to bring sadness more quickly, through mountain ranges, through the air, everywhere; that man learns all the languages ​​to convey sadness in more different ways; that runs as fast as the wind to bring the bad news sooner? That they would like to join us to a machine and make us a machine, and put transmissions for our nerves, and a boiler for our heart, and make an automatic watch out of what we called spirit?

What kind of life do I lead in this city if the sun rises, sets, the day wears on, without me noticing; if the night is filled with stars, and I do not see them; if over there the trees must bloom, and not a single flower opens before my eyes?

The soup is ready. Everyone is home now. Take off your shoes and enter. All the colleagues have already sat down at the table: the boy from Poble Sec, Rusiñol, Sagarra, Rodoreda, Capmany... an Andalusian poet, a Paral·lel chorus girl, a lunatic Frenchman and, even, a banished Indian chief. We welcome everyone here. We have put a bouquet of flowers on the table, that man does not live by bread alone. Take a seat and let's get started. Eat slowly, digestion begins in the ears! Have fun Bon Appetit!

01/02/23 i 02/02/23
Wednesday and Thursday at 20pm

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Interpretation: Mireia Federico, Marina García, Marc Marín, Ariadna Montoro, Mireia Obregón, Esteve Roig and Júlia Turu

Pianist: Gregory Ferrer
Direction: Albert Mora

Acknowledgments: Neus Soler, Candela Díaz, Ana Alborch and Teresa Ferret

Audition 2023 of Eòlia EAS