With the desire to offer the highest level in terms of professionalism and pedagogy, the Center Superior d'Art Dramatic Eòlia de Barcelona organizes courses in the field of Dramaturgy and stage direction outside the official program of the Degree in Dramatic Art. The courses offer a multidisciplinary view of scenic creation and text writing. The teachers who teach them come backed by a long experience in their field of creation and in the field of pedagogy.


From September 15, 2023 to January 10, 2024


With Antonio Garrido

Tuesdays from 16h to 18h

This course is especially designed for those people who already have some notions of dramatic writing and want to start in audiovisual writing and narration. The course emphasizes the specific and technical features of cinematographic and television languages ​​through the creation of an own project.

Throughout the sessions, specific techniques and methodologies will be seen and space will be given to the exhibition of each project in order to receive professional support in its preparation. Through readings, exercises and discussions, the techniques specific to this language will be worked on.


With Roberto Fratini

Wednesday from 16h to 18h

This course looks at how the incorporation of technological elements into the theater has changed the stage language throughout history and in our present day. The main objective is to encourage the aesthetic thinking of male and female creators in the application of the new technologies that today are considered more advanced: AI, IT, video.

The course has a broad and important theoretical base, but also a practical one: through the follow-up of a personal project of each member, you will experiment with the aesthetics that technology brings to the stage. In addition, during the sessions, the analysis of stagings that use these elements will be worked on in order to be able to understand in more depth what their contributions are.

With Sergi Mora

Wednesday from 18h to 20h

The subject "Psychology applied to group management" is structured based on the idea that it is necessary to know in depth the psychological functioning of the group in order to achieve the objectives with maximum efficiency and avoid unnecessary crises in creation processes inevitably under pressure.

This course is ideal for all those people who work in groups and are dedicated to tasks where team and stress management is a fundamental part. During the sessions, theoretical presentations will be combined with practical cases and there will also be space to work on cases based on the experience of the members.

You must send a CV with training and experience, and do a prior interview with a person in charge of the Stage Direction and Dramaturgy Department.