Below are all the scholarships to which students enrolled in any of the two specialties of the Degree can apply.


For access to the next course 2024-25 Aeolus convenes the 4rdª edition of the BEST WIND SCHOLARSHIP IN THE ACCESS TEST (in the form of a financial bonus for the registration of the 1st year of the EAS Degree in Dramatic Art in the specialty of Interpretation) with the aim of rewarding the effort and potential demonstrated during the days of the entrance tests in the middle.

The benefit of the beneficiary will be one 50% on the total amount of the registration for the first year.

The student must register for 100% of the credits in order to opt to be a beneficiary of the Eòlia scholarship.

The beneficiary will also have a (double) season ticket at a cost of 0 for all the premieres and / or general rehearsals of the Eòlia Theater.

At the end of the call in July 2024


In order to be officially recognized studies, undergraduate students have the option of applying annually for a scholarship to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training within the section of non-university post-compulsory higher education.

The concession of the same is done according to the following parameters:

1. Fixed amount

    • Basic scholarship
    • Fixed amount tied to income
    • Fixed amount linked to the student's residence during the school year

2. Variable amount

    • According to the result of the weighting of the average grade of the student's file and his family income.

Submission of the application: from March 27 to May 17 (indicative dates). More information: here


Eólia CSAD enjoys the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 granted by the European Commission.

This allows their students to access the grant of Erasmus+ Mobility grants, financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, in order to carry out part of their studies or internships at European institutions of Higher Education in other countries of the Erasmus + program.

You can find more information on Erasmus grants at the following SEPIE link:

Eòlia CSAD is in charge of processing the Erasmus+ grants for those students who do mobility within the European Higher Education Area.

Students do not have to do any procedures at an individual level.


La SGAE FOUNDATION i NOVA EÓLIA, SL, by mutual agreement of collaboration, establish for the course 2022-2023, the 5th call for SGAE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS 2022 for 3rd and 4th year students of Dramaturgy and Stage Management at EÒLIA CSAD.

The financial endowment of the SGAE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS is 6 scholarships of € 1.000 for 4th year students and 3rd year students who have already premiered a work or are about to do so.