Description of the project

GRØNLAND Final Degree Project by Yaiza Peña premieres at Teatro Eòlia with alumni of Eòlia.

GRØNLAND is not a show about love. It is not the creator's need to explain her traumas to the world, it is not a criticism of the system, nor is it a conversation. GRØNLAND is not the second course (or dessert) nor is it like a cha cha cha. It is not an illusion nor is it blind, deaf and dumb.

GRØNLAND used to be all these things, but it is no longer.

Now that's all that's left.

GRØNLAND is a self-fictional hybrid experience that mixes dance, live music and theatre: it's an experience of direct connection between the audience and the show. A connection that will be both magical and uncomfortable: like all relationships.

GRØNLAND is not about love, but about what remains after the end of things.

From 29/09/22 to 02/10/22 at the Teatre Eòlia

Original idea, direction and dramaturgy: Yaiza Peña
Interpretation: Jing Zhu i Guillermo Vernal

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