The students ofEolia they have one student card of the school which allows them to access many theaters in Barcelona i  Theaters of Catalonia with significant discounts. Tickets must be purchased at the ticket offices of the theaters. The list of theaters is uploaded to the school board and can be consulted here!

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This department aims to encourage the promotion of young - and not so young - talents linked to AWN, always becoming a non-profit intermediary, as we understand the casting area as another service that the school offers to the 'student.

This fundamental goal of bringing our students closer to the professional world and sharing with them our experience and all the paths that are in the within our reach, must be one of the hallmarks ofEOLICA.
Over the years we have been making agreements with producers, casting directors, agencies, theaters, etc. where we have been asked for actors / actresses, and thanks to the good result, we decided to formalize this area and make it public, increasing both contacts and expanding our portfolio of actors.

To enter the bag of actors and actresses, you must send an email to sergi@eolia.cat (Sergi Martínez, Area of ​​casting and promotion of the student) with the following:

  • A minimum of 3 photos (face, half body and full body). Images must be in format jpg and we do not weigh more than 500kb everyone.
  • Artistic curriculum (in the case of minors, the data of the mother / father or legal guardian).
  • Videobook if you have one.



The school puts at the disposal of the professors and students some individual cabinets that can be used throughout the course for the storage of personal objects.
It is necessary to fill out a request form (available at the reception of the Bailén center) and leave a deposit of 10 € when the key is given. Teachers are exempt from bail.


At the end of the course, the locker must be emptied and the key returned, and the deposit will be returned if the locker is still in good condition.
The person in charge of the cabinets is the receptionist at the Bailèn center (info1@eolia.cat). The application form can also be downloaded here!.


In the space of Bailèn 25 you have at your disposal a photocopier, with which you can make copies or print your works.

In order to obtain a card you will need to follow the instructions that you can find in this link: Do you want to use the printer?


With experience both in front of and behind the camera, we take care of each shot with the goal of providing film-quality material.


- Professional equipment and material
- Video, color and sound editing
- Lighting
- Help with the script and locations

Request a no-obligation quote, comment that you are a student ofAeolian and take a 10% discount.


Tel: (+646) 123 141 XNUMX
E-Mail: info@rogerbayerri.com
Website www.rogerbayerri.com

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