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Eolia proposed in 2019 a creative immersion in Athens together with students of the Blanquerna University of Barcelona. The aim was to do research work, international cooperation, and generate creative content that would rethink the vision of the situation of refugees in Greece and have a return for the groups with which they were in direct contact during their stay. .

This immersion in the field was the starting point to develop a work of joint creation between students of the Degree of Audiovisual Communication of Blanquerna and the Degree in Dramatic Art ofEolia Esad with the goal of developing creative pieces to give voice to everything that is happening.

The project allowed them to get to know abandoned buildings located in the center of Athens where the displaced took refuge, visit the squats in the Exarchia neighborhood inhabited by them, and get to know the institutions that serve these people.

An opportunity for personal and professional growth of a social, multicultural and multidisciplinary nature in the field of creativity.

If you want more information about how the project went and all the work that is currently being done, you can contact us via info@ojalaprojects.com or visit the web www.ojalaprojects.com

Images of the project

Photographs by Dario Mitidieri, Alicia Verdés and Anaïs Esmerado.

After the experience lived on next day On July 4 we will view the different works we did and it will be the result of a whole process. You can see:

-Videoclip of creation with unaccompanied young refugees.
-Trailer of the documentary project on motherhood in transit.
- Work in theSquad of the 5th School from the neighborhoodExarchia.
-Documentary short film “Re-create the refuge "of the entire creation process made with the students of Blanquerna and Eolia.

More information a www.eolia.cat/re-creant-el-refugi/

Press release 

Press Release I wish Projects 4 in July

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