Description of the project

Dèjá Vu is the Final Degree Project of ESAD's interpretation students, which, included in Eòlia Escena Emergent, premiered this May at the Eòlia Theatre. Playwriting and direction by Martí Torras Mayneris, with Cia. The Marushkas. From May 11 to 14.

En a corner of a country with a confused memory, there lives a woman confined in her memories. While she awaits the arrival of a baby she could never say goodbye to, she eternally relives some of the most dramatic episodes of her life, accompanied by some of her fears, which over the years, she has turned into members of his imaginary family.

Eleven sisters kidnapped in a never-ending mental grief: dictatorship, slavery, deaths, funerals, Scandinavian invasions and other biblical plagues. Only one creature, Bruna, has the key to demolish this mental space, but, while she does not arrive from her forced exile, her Mother reimagines her life to the rhythm of Balkan fanfares. Nothing works in his head since that abandonment. A personal exercise in spontaneous writing about how powerfully absurd the mind can be and how tragicomic life can be, based on the decisions a mother reluctantly had to make on the day the author was born.

Interpretation: Georgina AragallMonica BalsellsAlmudena CajalRuth CardonaJulia CostaCarla GriñoHelena MartinezIrene WallsJudit RevertLydia Robla i Lu Sánchez

Management Assistant: Mario Rebugent i Julia Masnou

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