If you had to design your own funeral, what would you do?

If you could choose how to die, what would it be like? A boy decides to script his farewell in a vigil: a subway car full of young people suddenly stops in the middle of the journey. A pleasure trip turns into a nightmare. There is death, always. And yet it distresses us. There are plausible deaths and there are tsunamis and fires and wars. There are always wars. And in the meantime... Yes, we are anxious to think about the only thing that is certain in life: that we will all die. Maybe we can't stand the thought of dying because we learn to live through constant trial and error. But there is also everything that happens in between: there are people who are worth living, experiences that deserve to be lived, experiences that give meaning to everything, a hug that changes everything and a plate of macaroni that draws a smile on our face face

In the face of death, the only thing that makes sense is to toast with tequila, dance until we burst and say everything we dare not say. Because it is worth facing death with a celebration of life. And this one is guaranteed... While it lasts.

From 2/05/24 to 5/05/24

Thursday to Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

Direction: Martí Torras Mayneris
Dramaturgy: Denise Duncan
Performers: Abel Bonet, Marc Carcasona, Lia Jaumejoan Saline, Alba Jubany Vilert, Raquel Marin Blasco, Gisel Morros, Jordi Reñé, Pau Sansa, Joana Traveria, Mariona Trias, Oriol Vema

Company: La Palmera
Managing assistants: Sara Q. Pipó, Judit Ecb, Miquel Salamanca
Scenography:  Passerell – Llorenç Corbella
Lamp design: Andrés Piza
Changing room: Anna Sabina

A production ofAeolian Emerging Scene 2024