A scene, a large table and chairs around it. People gathered
Some are public, others interpreters.
A story to come, a fiction about to be born.
Nothing is prepared in this encounter.

Spectators who collaborate to create the imaginary content together with the professionals.
A table full of objects of all kinds; books, letters, pictures, cameras, dice, clothes, toys...
All at the service of inventiveness. All detached from their senses.
Part by part, image by image, a narrative is born. A spectacle that is observed not with physical eyes, already tired of looking so much, but with ghostly eyes.
A return to the origin of the stories, to the origin of who we are.

Is the place we have reached in the culture of the narrative interesting? What have we become as spectators?

These questions guide the entire process of this piece from its beginnings. Starting from the basis that the entire capitalist system has been doing things with art and has been using it in pursuit of its own interests, we focus on the strategies that are used to produce in that sector and by which the public it has been unconsciously influenced by: speed of production, great variety of products and the need to fit into a market model.

That is what the public receives: a large number of productions that are created based on a mold and composed as quickly as possible. In this particular creation we have thought that it is a good social moment to offer a break and return to the origin. A way to remember that we come from telling stories around a campfire. We try to revive the imagination that has been diminished by the excess of physical gaze and the creativity in the mind of the viewer. We wish to present a piece that is not a product but a process and we also pursue the objective of demonstrating that everything that defends the capitalist system as necessary to make "good art" is nothing more than a version of what we already possess by nature within us mismos: the ability to see for ourselves without being told where we have to look and the power of invention that takes us away from being mere passive consumers and more critical spectators.

A check for the viewer, the performer and the performance itself.

Eduardo Mendez

From 27/07/23 to 29/07/23

Thursday at 20h
Friday and Saturday at 19pm and 20pm

Authorship and direction: Eduardo Mendez
Interpretation: Marina García, Sara Risco and Claud Hernández

Dramaturgical advice: Roberto Fratini
Management Assistant: Sara Risco and Laura Vila
Music and sound space: Yexza Lara
Lighting: Andrés Piza
Photo and video: Sara Risco

Acknowledgments: Núria Espinosa, Núria Adrián, Aleix Fauró, Albert Boronat, Natalia Barraza, Núria Crespo, Marta Galán, Júlia Serra Rubia, Xènia Garcia, Kilian Weinreich, and Dramaturgy class group in rehearsal. 

A production ofIN Cia and Teatre Eòlia