A meeting of texts that, in order to open doors for us, involve us in necessary debates. Here everyone claims their own, under the protective layer of freedom and the freedom of the rules of coexistence.

Texts: Sarah KaneAngelica LiddellSilvia NavarroPeter TurriniPascal RambertDennis Kelly i Wajdi Mowawad.

From 5 to 7 February 2022
Spend Saturday and Monday at 20pm, Sunday at 18pm

Reserve your ticket to proticketing.com/teatreolia

Direction: Montse Rodríguez and Clusella 
A co-production ofEolia i + D
Show of the Exhibition of Emerging Interpreters 2022

- Lua Brustenga Demestres. "Psychosis at 4:48." Sarah Kane
- Almudena Cajal López. "The center of the world" by Angelica Liddell
- Ruth Cardona Reverté. "The center of the world" by Angelica Liddell
- Claudia Chavarría Pérez. "Ifigènia en taxi" by Sílvia Navarro
- Maria Ferrer Bonet. "The End at Last" by Peter Turrini
- Christian Luján Marco. "Ifigènia en taxi" by Sílvia Navarro
- Marta Monroy. "Anxiety" by Sarah Kane
- Anna Montenegro Pallarès. "I put my spirit" by Angelica Liddell
- Irene Muros Jiménez. "The Closure of Love" by Pascal Rambert and "The Center of the World" by Angelica Liddell
- Maria Ponce and Via. "And the fish went out to fight against the men" by Angelica Liddell
- Alba Romero Serrano. "Boys and Girls" by Dennis Kelly
- Arlet Valls. “The Table” by Angelica Liddell
- Grandmother Soler Blanco. "Fire" by Wajdi Mouawad