Modern singing and musical theater

El department of modern and musical singing Eòlia has an eclectic orientation that includes the modern music, the musical theater And others styles and musics of different cultures. This eclecticism aims to promote one wide vision of the possibilities of the vocal instrument, exploring the musical execution, the phrasing, the sonority and the dynamics of the voice. It is an orientation that also reflects the variety of styles that the music theater singer must face today.

Song interpretation

He works together on vocal technique and the interpretation of solo songs.

Musical theater workshops

He puts together a reduced version of one of the best Broadway musicals.

Style laboratory

Train your impromptu vocal agility in different ways and musical styles.

Advanced techniques for vocal interpretation

A course to deepen the expression and vocal interpretation in music.

Comprehensive singing technique - Estill Voice Training

Systematic approach to voice training- Improves professional voice performance.

Singing training plan

Professional vocational training course with a four-year degree.