Intensive courses during the year

Throughout the year in Eòlia we offer intensive courses in acting, stage direction and drama, musical theater, communication, dubbing, movement coaching, dance and body, for more information you can subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to

Dubbing practices

With Enric Cusí and Onda Estudios

The aim of the courses is to train the interpreter in the art of dubbing, both from an artistic and technical point of view.

Talk in public

With Alex Mañas

Course intended for all those interested in improving their verbal and physical communication in the execution of speeches, negotiations or other types of oral presentations.

Yoga masterclasses

With the Lotus Ayurveda Centre

This workshop is aimed at performing arts performers, people who are dedicated to communication, and anyone else who wants to free their body and mind.

Interpretation masterclass

With Mario Gas

The aim of this course is to give tools to singers in order to tackle the interpretation of musical themes, both opera arias and musical theater themes.

Courses in English

With Tony Corvillo

This course is addressed to English speaking actors who want to improve their acting abilities in front of the camera or just have a sense of what working in front of the camera is.

Introduction to the interpretation of action scenes

With Miguel Ángel Luque

The goal is to help create a believable character for the viewer when shooting action scenes.