This one area aims to encourage the promotion of talent linked to the center, always becoming a non-profit intermediary, as we understand the casting area as another service that the school offers to students and graduates; especially to ESAD students.

This fundamental goal of bringing our students closer to the professional world and sharing with them our experience and all the avenues that are within our reach, has always been one of the distinguishing features ofEolia.
The casting calls that are received at the school are published on the casting screen of the center and also on the student's virtual campus, which can be accessed freely.
Within the actions of the casting department, we do an exclusive action with the public television channel of Catalonia (TV3) to include acting students who are about to graduate from their casting archive.

Over the years we have been making agreements with producers, casting directors, agencies, theaters, etc. where we have been asked for actors / actresses, and thanks to the good result, we decided to formalize this area and make it public, increasing both contacts and expanding our portfolio of actors and actresses. The school also offers a collection of the novelties of the sector and of the announcements and valid residences in force in the territory, interesting so much for interpreters, as for playwrights / guides and directors.

To enter the bag of actors and actresses, you must send an email to  with the following:

  • A minimum of 3 photos (face, half body and full body). Images must be in format jpg and we do not weigh more than 500kb everyone.
  • Artistic curriculum (in the case of minors, the data of the mother / father or legal guardian).
  • Videobook if you have one.