Eolia collaborates systematically and periodically with the Blanquerna Faculty of Communication and International Relations (Ramon Llull University), as well as with the center ITES, Technical School of Image and Sound Training Cycles, when establishing student collaborations in camera practices.

One of the optional mentions of the specialty Interpretation of the BACHELOR OF ARTS is that of Cinema and TV. The electives of this line are specific work of acting in front of camera, with profesorado specialized in the sector.

For the acting work in front of the camera, the visualization of the live work on a monitor or the subsequent specific analysis on the recorded material is essential.

That is why in these subjects the school incorporates scholarship holders from schools specializing in cinema so that they can attend the filming of the daily exercises of the subject.

Fellows are also responsible for storing the recorded material, which can be provided at the end of the semester to students interested in retaining the material for their future videobook.

Course 2021-2022