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Pampering a big dream: QUIMITUS, actor in “el Periódico de Catalunya”
The vocation of actor brings out the best in him.
On stage, each actor contributes his role, as in life. Quim Llisorgas, who is now 22 years old, pursues his dream of consolidating himself as an actor. He knows that his contribution is very valid, and possible despite the difficulties of his strange Joubert syndrome. He has already appeared in the Televisió de Catalunya series La Riera, also in the film Requirements to be a normal person (by Leticia Dolera) and in several amateur plays. He is trained at school Eolia of Barcelona, ​​where he says that the commitment to inclusive theater is total. In addition to his passion for acting, he knows that with the theater you can make known all the stories of normalization you want ( Read the article from 14 of March 2017.

Albert Domènech at LA VANGUARDIA: Quim Llisorgas has managed to start studying theater after his case became a phenomenon of downloads on the InternetRead the article

Rai Borrell and Quim in the Cloud. Theater without labels. Laura Basagaña to the magazine Cloud. What do you need to do the theater? An audience, actors and actresses, a scenario and no prejudice. The actors and actresses must put themselves in the skin of different people: they have to taste other realities. It is necessary to let go, it is important to experiment, to leave behind fears and all kinds of preconceptions. Read the article

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    Theater Without Limits® is the area ofEolia where people with intellectual diversity can receive theater classes adapting to the needs of the group. Theatrical play, improvisations, dance, joint creation based on choral imagination accompany students and teachers creating a respectful and creative bond.

    Annual program - enrollment open all year

    Theater course where they work exercises aimed at connecting voice-body-emotion through improvisation, concentration,observation I la creativity. Offers personalized attention and approach of specific objectives for each participant, and for the group, based on the starting point and the difficulty of each one.

    The training is structured in modules and sessions of specific subjects, so that the student can try different disciplines that help you to develop and Find tools to improve your communication. They use techniques of interpretation, improvisation, consciousness and body training, and rhythmic work (body percussion).

    This practice includes some experience of acting in public at the Eòlia theater, as part of the process of learning and personal improvement, as long as it is valued as positive for the participants-actors.


    From October 3, 2022 to June 19, 2023
    Mondays from 17h to 18.30h

    From October 4, 2022 to June 20, 2023
    Tuesdays from 17.30h to 19h



    Show at the Aeolian Theater on June 14, 2022

    Classroom work course 2021-22

    Show at the Aeolian Theater on June 22, 2021

    Classroom open from June 19, 2019

    Teatre Sense Límits in the 7th edition of the Mostra Solidària at the Teatre Eòlia. June 22, 2019

    With Aeolian students: Martina Calero, Daniel Conde, Clara Igual, Víctor Isern, Laia Martí, Sergi Rosat, Guillem Sullà, Matias Valls, Júlia Villegas.
    And the collaboration of: Marco Areddu, Rai Borrell and Ester Nadal.

    With Acel students: Carlos Martin, Daniel Aparicio Martínez, Elisabet Galiano, Javier Caballero, Josep Escale, Juan Manuel Garcia, Marc Guerrero, Marc Montes, Monica Montesinos, Noemi Lazaro, Raquel Ferre, Xavier Coll.

    And the collaboration of Alejandro Jiménez-Cascón.

    Teatre Sense Límits in the 6th edition of the old Micronit Solidària at the Teatre Eòlia. June 17, 2018

    This year we change the cava for vermouth! By Teatre Sense Límits in collaboration with the Catalan Sports Federation for PDI - ACELL.

    "Our Little Prince."
    This year we want to invite you to take a trip to different planets. A journey that we have made from the work of objects and puppets, the story of the little prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and our theatrical improvisations to create and our story where a small being turns out to be very big.
    "All older people have started to be children (but few remember them)"
    We have trained the artistic abilities to reach a world where abstraction is essential. Create a planet full of stars that suddenly go away. Represent a sad flower because it is left alone, as the little prince's destiny is to embark on his own journey.
    Rosa Rosa Forteza

    "Life on a tupperware"
    Based on the work of our students, we have created a theatrical proposal based on the work during the year of "Objects and theater".
    The world around us is a world created of objects, people, emotions and feelings of all kinds, which in turn generate relationships between us and them. Theatrical and real situations that we transfer to the stage, to our world of objects, to our “LIFE IN A TUPPER”… do you enter?
    Rai Borrell and Ester Nadal

    Theater Without Limits in the 5ª Micronit Solidarity at the Aeolian Theater. June 20, 2017

    The 20th MICRONIT SOLIDARITY was held on June 5 at the Teatre Eòlia, the protagonists of the night were the groups of Teatre Sense Límits, Eòlia Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic and the Federació Catalana d'Esports per PDI - ACELL. A night of vital theater scenes.

    Theater Without Limits at the Vermouth Without Limits at the Aeolian Theater. December 3, 2016

    On December 3, the Aeolian Theater hosted and was part of a different vermouth, closely linked to one of its principles: the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. Taking advantage of the fact that December 3 is International Disability Day, a Vermouth Without Limits was organized where you can taste vermouth and enjoy the performances of the actors of the groups Teatre Sense Límits d'Eòlia and Acell.

    Theater Without Limits in Solidarity Night at Caixa Forum. June 2015

    Solidarity night promoted by the Association of Volunteers of "la Caixa" Barcelonès and Vallès Occidental to the benefit of the Alba Pérez Association (fight against childhood cancer), with performances by the students and professionals of Eòlia under the direction of Alex Mañas and with the content of Rosa Galindo.

    Theater Without Limits at the Socio-Community Intervention Conference, March 2015

    The actors of the Teatre Sense Límits d'Eòlia at the XII Conference on Socio-Community Intervention organized by the Department of Sociocultural Services and the Community of the Institut Maremar al Masnou.

    The night of Improcombat, June 2014

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