A dramatic comedy about capitalism.

The real estate bubble and the chained economic crises have left Pol and Montse in an uncertain situation, far from the expectations they had twenty years ago when they were university students and shared a student flat.

Pol and Montse are the prototype of a generation that grew up in analog to live in digital, a young-old couple, who when they begin to find a certain balance, receive a letter notifying them that they have been finished the lease and they have three months to empty the apartment and return the keys.

A vibrant spectacle that directly challenges the audience, a fun and devastating suffering that reflects on the value of the individual, the limits of freedom and how capitalism modifies human relationships.

Monegal sea, author of RAMON (Critics Award for Best Text 2019) with MONOPOLY (Text winner of the X Combat of Dramaturgy High Season 2020), brings us a new dramatic comedy that is part of the triptych about the lost generation.

Author: Monegal sea
Direcció: Josep Galindo and Mar Monegal
Performers: Eduard Buch and Sara Espígul
Audiovisuals: Toni Roura
Scenic space: Josep Galindo and ArtPlay
Lighting: Anna Espunya and Juárez
So i Qlab: Eric Rufo

A production ofEolia i + D

Monopoly tour

 From 30.03.22 to 02.04.22 at the Teatre Eòlia

 From 12.01.22 to 06.02.22 in the Atrium Room

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