Description of the project

Albert Salazar, ex-student of El Planter – Escola Jove d'Eòlia, Dafnis Balduz, ex-student of Free Training, and Elna Roca, alumni of the EAS Degree in Dramatic Art (specialty Stage Direction and Dramaturgy), in "Pols de diamant" in the Sala Versus Glòries.

Pau Coya wrote Pols de diamant for the IX Dramaturgy Tournament of the Balearic Islands based on a real case that took place in Madrid in 2021. A young man of only twenty reported a very brutal homophobic attack that turned out to be a lie . diamond dust seeks to bring to the surface the contradictions of the human being. How someone is forced to lie in order to try to survive the stigma. Someone who, like diamonds, may seem indestructible but can crumble with a single hammer blow.

The story, on the way between fiction and what really happened, aims to put on the table uncomfortable topics that invite debate, but without falling into Manichaeism or value judgments.

From October 18 to November 12 in the Sala Versus Glòries.