Aeolian is connected to the latest trends on the Catalan and international scene. We have developed a new specialized professional training for actors, singers, playwrights, stage directors, dancers and musicians, which incorporates the most advanced techniques and a teaching team made up of high-level and active show professionals.

The center offers different training modalities for adults, youth and children:


Access test

Higher Studies (equivalent to University Degree). Specialties Interpretation (Theater, Cinema and TV and Musical Theater) i Dramaturgy and Scenic Direction.

Free School: own degrees

In parallel to the Official Higher Studies in Dramatic Art, Aeolian continues to offer the opportunity to pursue professional training plans with its own degree.

Online courses in drama, directing and screenwriting

El Planter, courses for children and young people

Continuing and progressive education, in the disciplines ofacting, musical theater, singing and dancing, in the field of text theater and music, which covers from 3 to 18 years.

Performing Arts High School

Modality given by Granés Batxillerat in collaboration with Eolia.

Workshop for high school performing arts institutes

Each Eòlia Esad school year offers the performing arts high school institutes the opportunity to do a free interpretation workshop at our facilities.

Intensive courses throughout the year

Throughout the year Aeolian offers training in different disciplines and techniques related to the performing arts: acting, directing, camera, film and TV, dubbing, musical theater, singing, body, movement coaching, voice, oral expression,…

Intensive courses summer 2021

Introduction to movement and interpretation

Do you want to encourage your artistic theatrical vocation? If you feel that the theater calls you, but you are not sure if you want or you can complete and complete training, test yourself.

Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management

Use and discovery of the body as a primary instrument of work through neuro-movement and psychomotor skills. Analysis of the five senses and connection with emotions.

Theater Without Limits

The Aeolian area where people with specific problems have the option of taking acting classes and trying out the different subjects related to the performing arts.

Seminars in theatrical pedagogy

This training aims to provide the teacher, the actor, or the therapist with tools for theatrical pedagogy to be able to incorporate them into regular professional practice, or to open new spaces for exploration and accompaniment.

Eolie Culture and Nature

We are nature and we are culture. This Area of ​​the Miranda Foundation, in collaboration with Eolia, Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, and with the cultural project Eolia R + D, connects creativity and nature, in contexts where the resources of the environment can nourish us at the level personal and artistic.


Lyric Cant

Integral and personalized training of the singer. Work focused on finding and training one's own voice using our natural physical and mental skills and acquiring new ones from them, in order to be able to perform any fragment of vocal music with the highest quality.

Modern Cant and Musical Theater

Aeolian’s modern and musical singing department has an eclectic orientation that includes modern music, musical theater and other styles and music from diverse cultures. This eclecticism aims to foster a broad view of the possibilities of the vocal instrument, exploring musical performance, phrasing, sonority, and voice dynamics. It is an orientation that also reflects the variety of styles that the musical theater singer has to face today.


Want to learn what tools to interpret in front of the camera? How to work the gaze, the listening and the presence? And most importantly, what’s the difference between acting for an audience and seeing yourself on the big screen? We will learn to use audiovisual language as a vital tool to be more efficient in communicating emotions on the screen.


The aim of the work of the Department of Body and Dance is to provide students with the basic resources in order to have a body available, discover its limits and possibilities. We will focus on becoming aware of body habits and trends in how we move, breathe, and relate. Expand the body's capacity and its possibilities of expression.


Intensive courses in dubbing practices in a professional studio. The aim of the courses is to train the actor in the art of dubbing, both from an artistic and technical point of view. There is a practical immersion in concepts such as vocal articulation, lip synchrony, speed and versatility in front of the dubbing microphone, script adjustment, rhythm and dramatic emotion of the original actors on the screen, instant memory … Practice with takes (dubbing units) in comedy, dramatic, cartoon, TV series, documentaries…

Oral expression

Training in breathing, resonators, speech, dialects, text, singing and moving voice. Spanish and Catalan diction lessons and discovering their own voice through the method Fitzmaurice Voicework® that explores the dynamics between body, breath, voice, imagination, language and presence.