The human being is just another step in the evolution of life

Through the eyes of an artificial intelligence, a journey begins to find what is the essence of humanity: our history, fears and triumphs; our light and our darkness. How do those who are not like us see us?

With a combination of physical theatre, visuals and technology, The Journey is a message about the need to rethink our place in the coming world. A world where, perhaps, the human being is not the center of creation.

Management notes

This is a project born from the will to find light and hope in the future.

Based on a series of real conversations with different artificial intelligences, a journey begins to imagine this future and understand the history of our species, and the role that nature and technology must play in an egalitarian and sustainable future .

This project is a radical commitment to experimentation and new languages. For this reason we have incorporated artificial intelligences into the creation process, making them actively participate in the design of the show.


From the 7 10 2024 March

From Thursday to Saturday at 20h
Sunday at 18h

Authorship and dramaturgy: Sara Sors and Imai Adalid
Direction: Imai Adalid
Performers: Marc Carcasona, Nina Lediani, Aleix Otem, Ibai Zunzunegi

Management Assistant: Sara Sors and Eduardo Méndez
Advice: Martí Torras Mayneris

Movement: Eduardo Mendez

Acknowledgments: Marta Galán, Pablo Ley, Anna del Campo, Alejandro Suqué, Ricard Fabregat

A production ofAeolian Emerging Scene