Description of the project

“FRANKENSTEIN” at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in the Sala Gran with Joel Joan i Juvé, Angel Llacer, Lluís Marco, Magda Puig, Albert Triola, Pere Vallribera and Alba Ramírez de la Cruz (from Aeolian School of Dramatic Art). Authored by Guillem Morales, based on the novel by Mary Shelley and Directed by Carme Portaceli. From 15/02/18 to 25/03/18!


  • by Guillem Morales, based on the novel by Mary Shelley
  • Direction Carme Portaceli
  • Grand Room
  •  al 

Mary Shelley’s classic about one of the most famous monsters in history that shows the darkness of a society unable to make a difference.

In the year 1818, Mary Shelley gave his famous monster a lasting life, which with its organic multiplicity would eventually become a fundamental myth of the new contemporary society, devoted to a profound rethinking of the identity constructions in the new world marked by industrialization and the reorganization of factual powers.

Two hundred years after the first publication of the novel, the director Carme Portaceli brings to the scene the history of this modern Prometheus with a dramaturgy by Guillem Morales (director and screenwriter of the award-winning film Julia's Eyes) that investigates in the most tenebrous territories of the humanity wounded of the myth.

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