Description of the project

RIP (RAVE IN PEACE) is the Final Degree Work of ESAD's acting students, which, included in Eòlia Escena Emergent, premiered this April at Teatre Eòlia. Playwriting by Daniel J. Meyer and direction by Montse Rodríguez, with Cia. The Naughty From April 27 to 30.

Un group of friends celebrates every Sant Joan a party that is the event of the year. At last year's party, Eric, the organizer and soul of the party, dies. Today, one year later, it is San Juan again, and friends are meeting again with the intention of continuing to celebrate; but the party will no longer be the same: the group will debate between remembering and forgetting.

Eòlia Escena Emergent is a bet by Eòlia I+D and the Eòlia Theater dedicated to emerging creators and performers in the field of performing arts. A showcase of new talents. A first springboard for visibility linked to the Final Degree Projects of the Aeolian students.

Performers: Ander ArrindaSara SourceAlex FructuowsDune Gamundi, Claude HernandezBerta PenaMarc pineda, Laura PulidoNina
SalvadorJulia Sierra RubiaGrandma Soler i Laura Vila/Franzina Pegenaut
A work of Co. The Naughty
Management Assistant: Incarnate LagunaBernard Naf Gaya i David Vert

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