Description of the project

Mireia Federico, Marina García, Ariadna Montoro, Mireia Obregón and Esteve Roig, alumni of the Degree in EAS and members of Company 23, and Albert Mora, teacher of Eòlia, in "La cançó de sempre" at Teatre Gaudí.

This show was the Audition of the students of the Degree (Music specialty) of the 2022-23 academic year, directed by Albert Mora.


What makes it so that it is those simple songs, heard in the cradle that move us the most? What makes us always want to go home, even when the path seems to have been erased? What about us in the Barcelona of the 21st century? We look for the answers in the songs and texts of the poets and artists "of old", those of our land: from Sagarra and Russiñol to Rodoreda and Capmany. A show about the refuge of songs.

With the melodies of Serrat, "The Forever Song"it makes us trace the entire urban silhouette of the city of Barcelona. We will tour its squares, its alleys and get to know its people until we reach our home.

Dinner is ready. Everyone is already inside. Take off your shoes and enter. All the companions have already sat down at the table: the boy from the dry village, Feliu, a lunatic Frenchman, a chorus girl from the parallel and even an exiled Indian chief. We welcome everyone here. We have put a bouquet of flowers on the table, that man does not live by bread alone. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Eat slowly, digestion begins in the ears!

Bon profit!

From January 18 to February 25 at the Teatre Gaudí.