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Emma Arquillué, former student of the Formació Lliure in the play Romeu i Julieta at the Teatre Poliorama, a production of La Brutal.2022-06-27T22:54:29+02:00
Francesc Ferrer plays Nacho in the play “La pell fina” by Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso in the Sala FlyHard.2022-06-01T13:49:16+02:00
Ferran Utzet edits Ivan Viripaiev's first play in Catalonia, "Unbearably Long Hugs", with Paulia Malia in the cast.2022-05-29T21:37:00+02:00
Former student and teacher Mariona Esplugues presents her creation, direction and performance with BOJA at the Teatre Eòlia.2022-05-29T21:38:05+02:00
“Alavida o cómo decir adiós” by former Luna Llay students in Laia Alberch's dramaturgy and acting and directing at the Teatre La Gleva.2022-05-26T21:43:13+02:00
RITA, a tragicomedy by Marta Buchaca starring former student Sara Espígul and Mireia Portas in Villarroel.2022-05-29T20:07:12+02:00
Interview with Mag Igor, a student of # EòliaLliure, who talks about his magic and humor show 'Euphoria' at the Teatre Ateneu.2022-05-05T10:18:50+02:00
Àlecs Guixà, a former student of # EòliaLliure, has been chosen to play Manelic, the main role, in # ElLlopTV3.2022-02-21T22:15:17+01:00
Former student Sara Espígul starred in the play Monopoly of the former student Mon Monegal in the Atrium Room.2022-01-13T19:50:19+01:00
The company El Borrego formed by former students at the Teatre Maldà with the play "Dancing (is the only one) will save us."2022-01-10T20:08:16+01:00