Description of the project

A Winter in Mallorca is the Final Degree Project of ESAD's interpretation students of the musical theater specialty, which, included in Eòlia Escena Emergent, premiered this May at Teatre Eòlia. fromThe beds of Valldemossa,Agustí Soler i Mas, with direction and dramaturgy of David Pintó Codinasaltas and musical composition ofAlbert Guinovart. Musical direction byOscar Peñarroya and lighting designAnna Espunya

L'winter of 1838, a Mallorca far removed from the industrial revolutions and the great changes that shook Europe, received the visit of the writer George Sand and the composer Frédéric Chopin. The arrival of these characters upset the customs of the island and generated a scandal of epic proportions. The musical explains (more or less) everything that happened during those holidays and introduces us to the characters and the adventures that the couple experienced during their stay at the Valldemossa monastery.

Eòlia Escena Emergent is a bet by Eòlia I+D and the Eòlia Theater dedicated to emerging creators and performers in the field of performing arts. A showcase of new talents. A first springboard for visibility linked to the Final Degree Projects of the Aeolian students.

Interpretation: Sol CarnerI looked at FedericoMarina GarciaAnna ManyàMarc MarinAriadna MontoroMireia ObregónEsteve Roig, Julia Turu i Arlet Valls

Assistant director: Juli Aymí

From 4 to 7 May.

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