Description of the project

Planter student Vinyet Rodríguez Martín performs in the short film "Trenc d'alba", an ESCAC Films production written and directed by Anna Llargués, nominated for the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in the "Cinef Selection" section, dedicated to films from film schools

The short film is about a rural family that lives in an isolated farmhouse, built by their ancestors. Due to the humidity and lack of communication, it has become impossible to maintain it and it has come to be declared in ruins. However, the family fights to save what is their home. And meanwhile, Elián, a teenager, and Irene, his younger sister, recover an old hobby of their grandfather: with super-8 recordings, they will turn the spaces into a memory. In the process, they become curious about what their new place will be.

Trenc d'alba is a story about a house that crumbles, about the growth of those who live there, about isolation, love and the fear of freedom. It portrays the farewell of a space in double format [Digital 1:85:1 · Super-8 – 4:3]: a part of the film is shot by the protagonist himself with his grandfather's Super-8 camera, turning - through the analogue - the house into a memory.

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