Description of the project


From 14 to 25 from February of the 2018 at the Eòlia Theater

Pear: Disposed, relegated, rejected, rooted, separated, segregated. Person who is in vil and is excluded from the advantages enjoyed by others.
Planet Pària is the result of a year of creation of the director and author Carla Torres with the group of students of "interpretation of 4rt of the Free School of the Higher School of Dramatic Arts Eolia. After his applauded premiere in June of 2017, returns during 10 performances at the Eòlia Theater.
If the survival of artists depended on winning a reality TV show… would there be Art in the future?

Author and Director: Carla Torres.
Assistant director: Minerva Prats and Júlia Garcia Valdivielso.
Lamp Design: Conchita Pons and Carla Torres.
Space consultancy: Anna Tantull and Zaida Crespo.
Design Clothes: Zaida Crespo.
Scene Movement: Carla Torres and Núria Legarda.
Sound space: Carla Torres.

Performers: Adina Abad, Núria Benedito, Núria Bonet, Júlia Calzada, Kiko Fusté, Laura Mateu, Isabelle Pasa, Dídac Rodríguez, Elena Santiago.


The earth. Not very distant future. Resources are reaching their limit. For years we have been working on the possible evacuation to a new habitable planet. But not everyone will take place in this new world… Only a privileged few know for sure that they will travel: All those considered essential for the establishment of the new colony. The rest will have to compete to demonstrate the importance of their sector and their role in society. Those who lose will be left on this dying Earth, which some have begun to call Planet Pariah. To distract people from the harshness of the situation, it has been decided to make a TV show where contestants compete for a place in the interplanetary exodus. Planet Paris is therefore the last reality... The fun is served.